The 4 Best Breakfast Bars to Grab on the Go

If you never seem to have time to make breakfast in the morning (hi, same), the best breakfast bars can really come in handy. Obviously, there are a lot of breakfast bars out to there to choose from—cereal bars (like, the ones made from bits of cereal), the other kind of cereal bars (like, Nutri Grain bars), healthy breakfast bars that seem like a form of punishment for poor time management—but for this taste test, we were simply looking for breakfast bars that taste great and actually contain some protein rather than just sugar and carbs, so they’ll fill you up for a little while. We did our best, although some of these are lighter on protein than we would have liked.

Even the best breakfast bars will never constitute a hearty breakfast, per se, but they also shouldn’t leave you scrounging around for something else to eat 30 minutes later. Here are some tasty breakfast bars to have in the pantry the next time eggs, bacon, and pancakes just aren’t in the cards. 

best cereal bars

Best Cereal Bars

Kroger Soft Baked Fruit & Grains

Okay, I know I said that this was a list of breakfast bars with protein, but I made an exception so I could include a cereal bar on the list. I taste tested Kroger Fruit & Grains bars alongside Great Value’s version and name brand Nutri Grain bars. Kroger Fruit & Grains (which I tried in Strawberry flavor) were better than the other two options in every respect. They’re soft and chewy and have a good amount of filling, whereas Nutri Grain bars are sort of dry and crumbly. Kroger Fruit & Grain bars also have less sugar and more vitamins than their competitors. It’s always nice when the best tasting option is also the best for you. These may not have much protein (2 grams), but they’re the best breakfast bars if you insist on cereal bars.




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Best Peanutty

Bob’s Red Mill Peanut Butter Banana & Oats Bob’s Bar

If your busy mornings are so busy that they preclude you from making a peanut butter and banana sandwich, this is the best breakfast bar. And it’s a breakfast bar with protein! It has 7 grams, in fact. It’s chewy and has a powerful peanut butter flavor that gives way to a pleasant punch of banana flavor. This bar is pretty low-ingredient, too: peanuts, oats, tapioca syrup, honey, banana, and natural flavor. Bob’s Red Mill is a good, employee-owned company, and this is one of the best breakfast bars if you want something that actually feels filling.




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Best Muffin Dupe

Made Good Mornings Blueberry Soft Baked Oat Bars

We tried a handful of breakfast bars that set out to taste like muffins, and these Made Good Mornings bars were the best. They’re light on protein with only 2 grams per bar, but they do have a good deal of vitamin D (25%), vitamin A (20%), vitamin E (35%), and Thiamin (25%), thanks to the veggie blend they’re made with. But how do they taste, lady?? Really good! They’re packed with oats and blueberry flavor, and actually taste like a baked good someone made in a kitchen. The drizzle of icing is a nice touch, too. We also tried the chocolate chip version and it’s good—if you prefer chocolate chip muffins to blueberry muffins, buy those. Otherwise, this is the best breakfast bar if you’re in the market for a muffin dupe.




kind breakfast protein bars review

Best of the Best

Kind Breakfast Protein Dark Chocolate Cocoa

Kind’s chocolate breakfast bars check a lot of boxes. They have 8 grams of protein per two-pack of bars. They’re oaty and filling. And they genuinely taste good. If you’re trying to kick your Cocoa Pebbles habit and want to eat something that will fill you up better than a bowl of cereal, these are the best breakfast bars. They look like bars that were home cooked in a granola mom’s kitchen. They’re very textured and you can really see all the grains. But the rich cocoa flavor is the highlight. Unless you hate chocolate, these are the best tasting breakfast bars.




Other products we tried: Nutri Grain Bars Strawberry, Great Value Fruit & Grain Bars (Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon), Made Good Mornings Chocolate Chip, Kind Breakfast Protein Honey Oat, Kind Breakfast Blueberry Almond, Kind Breakfast Protein Almond Butter, Kodiak Peanut Butter Strawberry Breakfast Bars, Bob’s Peanut Butter Jelly & Oat Bars, Nature Valley Muffin Bars

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  • Not a bad selection, but the really best one is the OVER EASY Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bar. Lots of protein (egg whites), made with oats, honey and almonds. Tastes good and stays with you. Try.

  • Thanks for sharing which breakfast bars have protein and taste good; but, it seems like you should have also mentioned the FIBER of content of the bars.