The Best Cookies If You Like Chewy Cookies

Cookies are universally loved. If you ever meet someone that doesn’t like cookies then you should run away because that person is about to reveal that they are an alien bug parasite and they’re going to try and steal your body’s moisture. Every human loves cookies. But there is a divide among the cookie lovers that separates us. There are those of us who love delicious chewy cookies, and there are those weirdos that like crunchy cookies. One time I was at my friend’s house and asked him if he had any Chips Ahoy and he brought out one of the blue, plain Chips Ahoy carton instead of a red Chewy Chips Ahoy carton. I immediately left his house and never spoke to him again. That friend was my dad. Cookies should be chewy. These are the best cookies for anyone that likes chewy cookies. 

Pepperidge Farm Farm Montauk Soft Baked Milk Chocolate

When someone mentions a cookie, I immediately think of chocolate chip. Chocolate chip cookies are the cookie baseline. And when you’re talking chewy, store bought chocolate chip cookies, these are the best chocolate chip cookies. The chips have a delicious, buttery chocolate flavor. The cookie itself is spiced with a hint of vanilla. The optimum way to eat these is to blast them for a few seconds in the microwave and then dip them in a glass of milk. If you leave a couple of these out for Santa, he may end up trashing your house looking for more.

Bakery Fresh Goodness Sugar Cookies

Grocery store cookies get a bad rap. Sure, there are shelves full of delicious options in the cookie aisle, but don’t sleep on the cookies over in the grocery store bakery. I love sugar cookies because they deliver exactly what they promise: It’s a cookie with some sugar. These perfectly chewy and sweet sugar cookies from Ralphs (a Kroger store) were some of the best sugar cookies we tasted in our sugar cookie taste test. They have a great texture, staying soft but not crumbly—perfect for chewy cookie devotees.

Bake Shop Bakery Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

Oatmeal cookies have a lot of haters but I stand by these bad boys. I will always insist that oatmeal cookies are good as long as you know it’s an oatmeal cookie before you bite into it. Yeah, if you think it’s chocolate chip and it turns out to be oatmeal, of course you’re going to be upset. These oatmeal cranberry cookies from Bake Shop Bakery will convert even the most stringent oatmeal cookie skeptic. The cranberries give a sharp, tart taste rather than some sickly sweet raisins. Bake Shop Bakery sounds like a fake company that the FBI would make up to try and surveil you, but it’s actually just Aldi’s bakery.

Enjoy Life Foods Snickerdoodle Soft Baked Cookies

Snickerdoodles are one of the most fun cookie names to say. But a lot of snickerdoodle cookies end up just being some mid sugar cookies with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. Snickerdoodles have a high ceiling but an absolutely massively low floor. There’s a lot of bad ones out there. That’s not the case with these soft baked snickerdoodles from Enjoy Life Foods. They are soft with a surprising springiness for a gluten free cookie. That’s right, these snickerdoodles are gluten free (some of the best gluten free cookies, according to our taste test). Sometimes gluten free cookies don’t have the best texture, but these little bites actually feel and taste like homemade snickerdoodles.

Costco White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Cookies

White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies are the ones you ask for whenever you’re trying to be all cool and mysterious. When a friend asks if you want a cookie and you go, “only if it’s white chocolate macadamia nut,” they will immediately be intrigued. These white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies from Costco are extremely sweet and very soft, which are two things that I look for in my soft-baked cookies. Costco has a really nice cookie selection. If you like white chocolate, grab one of these after you finish your $1.50 hotdog.

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