The Best Sugar Cookies Aren’t Just for Santa

The best sugar cookies are soft, sweet, and sugary. They can be chewy, crunchy, frosted, or filled with sprinkles. Most importantly, they should remind you of what you’d set out for Santa on Christmas Eve. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s okay. You’ll still like these store bought sugar cookies.

Generally, I think sugar cookies are overrated. Why would you ever want a cookie without chocolate chips in it? If you feel the same way, you can cut bait now and read our ranking of the best chocolate chip cookies, but I am happy to say that this best sugar cookies taste test changed my mind. Some store bought sugar cookies are really dang good! Below are three options for the best store bought sugar cookies you can purchase. Go get them and get ready for a sugar high!

best sugar cookies

Best Frosted

Favorite Day Frosted Sugar Cookies

Frosted sugar cookies are controversial. Some people think they taste like weird sandy paste in your mouth. Some people (me) agree, but think that’s a good thing. These have such an interesting taste and texture, almost like a forbidden food. They’re dense and coat the inside of your mouth in the most unusual way. And when it comes to weirdly delicious frosted sugar cookies, Target makes the best ones. These Favorite Day frosted sugar cookies don’t taste chemically, like others on the market. If you enjoy this type of sugar cookie, you will love these!

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best store bought sugar cookies

Best Classic

Ralphs Bakery Fresh Goodness Sugar Cookies

If you’re looking for a plain and simple sugar cookie, Ralphs absolutely aces the classic sugar cookie. These are perfectly chewy and sweet. The texture really sets these apart. These are sprinkle-less sugar cookies, which I never thought I’d want, but Ralphs proved me wrong! The next time you’re looking for the best sugar cookies, especially when it comes to texture, head to the Ralphs bakery section (or the bakery section at another Kroger-owned grocery store.

Credit: Merc / Ralphs




best store bought sugar cookies

Best of the Best

Homemade Mini Sprinkled Sugar Cookies

These cookies from the Lazy Acres bakery are as close to homemade as you can get when it comes to store bought sugar cookies. They are jam-packed with sprinkles and have such a soft and lightly chewy texture. They taste freshly baked. There’s no weird aftertaste of chemicals or preservatives. I would gladly buy these again. In fact, I will be buying them again! And I sincerely hope you do too if you have a Lazy Acres or Bristol Farms nearby. They are the best sugar cookies out there.

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