The 5 Best Cookies for Santa from the Grocery Store

The best cookies for Santa don’t have to be homemade. In fact, I’d argue that he’d prefer them to be from the grocery store. Think about it: How many bad home bakers does he encounter on Christmas Eve? That man is tired and doesn’t want to be subjected to your kitchen experiments. It just so happens that we’ve tasted and loved tons of easy Christmas cookies that you can toss in your cart when you make that last trip to the grocery store before the holidays. Put out the best Christmas cookies for Santa and sleep tight knowing you won’t wind up on the naughty list.

Favorite Day Frosted Sugar Cookies

These are controversial cookies. Some people love them, some people hate them because they taste like they’re made of 99.9% sugar. But, c’mon, Santa loves sweet stuff, so we think he’ll love these frosted sugar cookies from Target. Best part is that they come in festive colors when Christmas rolls around. I’m also pretty sure these are indestructible, so Santa can stuff them in his pockets and head out the door (or up the chimney, as it were). And all that sugar will keep him high all night long.

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Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

If there’s one thing I know about Santa, it’s that the man loves a bit of peppermint thrown into the mix. And what better way to do that than with Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s. Let’s be real, these are the best cookies for Santa because you know that man is snacking on Joe-Joe’s (aka Trader Joe’s take on Oreos) all year round up there in the North Pole. The man needs the festive version. These easy Christmas cookies have an excellent kick of peppermint. And, really, who among us doesn’t already have a box or two of these best Christmas cookies in the pantry? Surely you can spare a few for the big man himself.

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Annas Ginger Swedish Thins

Ginger cookies are classic and Christmassy, and these are the best cookies for Santa if you’re leaving out a nice little cup of tea for the big guy. They taste like ginger and clove and they’re super thin and snappy, perfect for a dude who’s been shoveling cookies into his face all night long. You’re guaranteed to get an extra present left for you if you set these easy Christmas cookies for Santa!

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Pepperidge Farm Holiday Nog

If you’re dubious that a crunchy shortbread cookie could channel the rich, creamy flavor of eggnog (Santa’s favorite bev, probably), we have news: These Pepperidge Farm cookies pull it off. They taste nutmeggy and eggy and sweet, just like a big ol’ pour of eggnog in a glass shaped like a moose. If you buy these for Santa, pick up a few extra bags for yourself. They’re limited edition, but their festive flavors will keep you cheery when January rolls around.

Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t like to assume anything about Santa, so who’s to say he’s not gluten intolerant? Chocolate chip cookies are among the best Christmas cookies, so Santa’s surely a fan. And these easy Christmas cookies taste as good as their gluten-full counterparts. Tate’s crunchy, sweet, and chocolatey cookies are the best cookies for your favorite Celiac Santa.

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