How to Build the Ultimate Seacuterie Board

Has tinned fish TikTok gotten its hooks into you? Are you desperate to have your own tinned fish date night? Do you have no idea what I’m talking about but you love fish in a can? This article is for you!

I have scoured Sporked to put together the best tinned fish board (aka seacuterie board) you can make at home. With the help of these ingredients, you can take the tinned fish trend by storm. Grab your fanciest wood cutting board and let’s see about seacuterie!


Tonnino Tuna Fillets with Garlic in Olive Oil
This is one of our favorite canned tunas here at Sporked. It’s tender and flakes apart beautifully. The garlic and olive oil flavor are fresh. It’s not too fishy. This would be great for a tinned fish board novice who wants to dip their toes into the water without going too hard right off the bat. That being said, this is excellent tuna and would also impress conserva pros. It’s rich, flavorful, and feels fancy.

Fangst Regnbueørred
When making a seacuterie board, I love to have at least two different types of fish and I believe those two fish should be distinctly different. That’s why I’m pairing our tuna with our best canned smoked trout. This is light and smoky. It’s flavor is subtle.


seacuterie board

Park Street Deli Dill Dip
Dill goes great with fish so we recommend stocking your seacuterie board with one of our favorite veggie dips, the Park Street Deli Dill Dip from Aldi. The creamy base and the herbaceous flavor will be a hit with your tinned fish.

Grey Poupon Country Dijon Mustard
This heavily seeded Dijon mustard is like mustard meets caviar. The tangy burst of mustard seeds add so much to the fish. Just the thought of a creamy spread, flakey piece of tinned fish, and this tangy mustard makes me want to run to the grocery store!

TRUFF Hot Sauce
TRUFF’s black truffle-infused hot sauce adds a spicy, savory elegance to your tinned fish board. The truffle flavor is strong so you only need a drop or two. Don’t worry, though. It isn’t overpowering. Plus, it’s thick so it won’t dribble off the cracker or chip as easily as some other hot sauces.



Dirty Dill Cocktail Cornichons
We tried all the Wickles Pickles products and these are our favorite product they make. Plus, their petite size and big flavor make them perfect for topping a deliciously crafted bite from your tinned fish board. 

Old Croc Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Splurge and buy this Old Croc cheddar cheese to make the best tinned fish board. This plus the tuna will give you sophisticated tuna melt energy and I’m very excited about that.

Whole Foods 365 Sour Cream & Onion Chips
I know, I know. “Aren’t the chips the vehicle?!” They can be, but you can also crumble up these sour cream and onion chips as a little crunchy topper. It would rule sprinkled over the smoked trout.


tinned fish date night

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Chips
We love Cape Cod chips and we really love these specific Cape Cod chips. They’re super crunchy, perfectly greasy, and have just the right amount of salt and pepper flavor.

Premium Whole Grain Saltines
These whole grain saltines have a beautiful (that’s right, beautiful) nuttiness to them. I think they would work well with so many flavors. And I also like that they’re big. You need a big surface area for piling!

Sun-Maid Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread
I know pairing cinnamon raisin bread with tinned fish sounds nuts, but let me explain myself before you freak out! I first had cinnamon raisin bread and fish together when I was in Bermuda. They are famous for making a sandwich that consists of fried white fish, coleslaw, tartar sauce, cheese, tomato, and onion on cinnamon raisin bread. I was skeptical, but I always have to try local eats when I’m traveling. Lucky for me, it ended up being good! The mild fish, the tangy and rich toppings, and the sweet bread worked well together. Make lightly toasted toast points with this stuff and add dill dip, cornichons, and smoked trout for a sweet and tangy bite.

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