Best Cranberry Juice: We Rank the Best of the Bog

The best cranberry juice is the perfect balance of both tart and sweet. It’s great enjoyed on its own or mixed into a cocktail. No matter how good your cranberry juice is, though, I’m sorry to say it probably won’t cure your UTI. That’s a myth. Please go to the doctor.

If you’re drinking it for pleasure, however, this is a list for you. Whether you have a child who demands their juice fix or you want to step up your Vodka Cran game, we here at Sporked have tried all the nationally available, easily accessible cranberry juices on the market and are ready to report back.

Best of the Best

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail

It almost feels cliche to put Ocean Spray as the #1 juice on our list of best cranberry juice, but it truly is the best cranberry juice on the market. It’s a classic for a reason! It’s not too sweet and not too tart. It would be wonderful in any type of drink or enjoyed alone. If you have to bet on cranberry juice, our studies confirm that Ocean Spray is always a safe bet.

Credit: Liv Averett/Walmart




Best Juice Blend

Nature’s Nectar 100% Juice Cranberry Flavored Juice Blend

This was my personal favorite cranberry juice we tried. It’s cranberry forward, but has gentle hints of apple. It’s the perfect fruit blend. It’s not too sweet or too tart. Plus, it’s actually 100% fruit! I could drink a whole glass of this, easily. And since it’s from Aldi, I can! It’s super affordable and easy to access. That always adds a ton of extra bonus points for me. Congrats on making one of the best cranberry juices out there, Aldi!

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Best for Cocktails

Simply Cranberry Cocktail

Coincidentally, this cranberry juice cocktail is the best cranberry juice for cocktails. It has such a wonderful flavor that feels a little more mature than some of the other brands we tried, which obviously made me want to mix it with booze. I think it’s because this juice is a little more mellow and not so sweet. If you’ve had other products from Simply, you shouldn’t be surprised that this took the #3 spot on our list. These people know how to make tasty fruit-based drinks.

Credit: Liv Averett/Target




Best Unsweetened

365 Organic Pure Cranberry Juice

Pure cranberry juice is a lot. Most people do not like or want pure cranberry juice. I know this because I spent a full year giving out free samples of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice in grocery stores when I was in college. I would warn people that it was very strong and not sweet at all, and they would still proceed to grab a tiny cup, chug it down, and then choke on the bitterness. Then they’d yell at me for giving them something that tastes bad. So please don’t yell at me if you try this and don’t like it! It doesn’t taste good! But if you’re looking for pure cranberry juice for health benefits, this is the best-tasting one on the market. Trust me, I’m an actual expert on this.

Credit: Liv Averett/Whole Foods




Best Diet

Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice

Generally, I am very anti diet drinks. They often taste bad and contain added chemicals in place of good ol’ fashioned sugar. This cranberry juice, on the other hand, is one of the best cranberry juices we tried. It’s actually very tasty! Ocean Spray’s diet version of their classic cranberry juice is better than some non-diet versions of other cranberry juices on the market. Once again, you can always bet on Ocean Spray!

Credit: Liv Averett/Walmart




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  • Totally agree with the Cocktail choice. It’s flavour stands out best in mixed drinks. Yum.