Mtn Dew Mystery Flavor Voo Dew: An Honest Review from a Mtn Dew Skeptic

Mtn Dew has released a new, limited edition mystery flavor for the 2022 Halloween season. According to Cheddar, it tastes like “Sour Patch Kids, Skittles and Lemonheads.” Does it live up to the candy comparison or is it more of a trick than a treat?

As much as I love soda in general, I am not a Mtn Dew fan. I thought it was spelled Mountain Dew until today! Even the iconic Baja Blast is not for me. I just find Mtn Dew products to be overly sweet and extremely chemically.

And when it comes to this new product, it feels wild to me that Mtn Dew would need to release a “mystery” flavor. Mtn Dew already is a mystery flavor! Yes, it’s citrusy, but what is the actual flavor? I couldn’t tell you. It’s just Mtn Dew flavored.

I do, however, love Halloween. Will I be impressed by Mtn Dew’s new limited edition mystery flavor?

Mtn Dew Voo Dew Mystery Flavor

New Product!

Mtn Dew Limited Edition Mystery Flavor Voo Dew Soda

I’m shocked to say that this tastes delicious. Like regular Mtn Dew, it’s still citrusy and crazy sweet. This has a distinct Sour Patch Kid flavor to it that I adored. I would actually buy this Mtn Dew and that’s a first for me! I’m sad that it will be leaving shelves sooner than later and I recommend you grab a case (or two or three) before it becomes un-purchasable. Long live Vood Dew!

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Tasting MTN Dew Voo Doo

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