Sporked Awards: Best Energy Booster of 2022

When that 3 p.m. slump hits, you need something that will successfully reel those heavy eyelids back in. Lots of energy boosters like coffee, tea, and energy shots can do that for you, but there’s one that gets us absolutely jacked at no cost to flavor. We’re ready to unveil our top energy boosting pick and one runner-up that have been keeping the pep in our collective step for all of 2022. 

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Monster Energy Pipeline Punch

In our best Monster Energy flavor ranking, managing editor Gwynedd Stuart was extremely fired up about Monster Energy’s Pipeline Punch flavor. “These contain around 15 percent real juice and have a pleasant fizz that makes them fruity, refreshing, and genuinely delicious. With its strong, tropical guava flavor and aroma, Pipeline Punch was the best of them all. This is what you slam before you jump belly-first onto your board and punch a shark right in the nose,” she wrote after trying Monster Energy’s line up of juice-infused energy drinks. The Pipeline Punch flavor is so good it’s downright dangerous. It’s so delicious and juice-like that you’ll easily forget you’re drinking an energy drink. So, next time you pick up one of these at the store, remember that with great power comes great shark-punching responsibility. 

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Elevation Chocolate Peanut Butter High Protein Bars

In second place, we find the best protein bar we’ve ever eaten, courtesy of ALDI. In our best protein bar ranking, staff writer Danny Palumbo asserts: “There’s a toothsome meatiness and soft crunchiness to this protein bar from Aldi that is just a gosh darn delight. The peanut butter is creamy and the salt factor here is completely welcome. There’s none of that weird, powdery, protein aftertaste either. The change in texture from crispy to smooth is beautiful. There’s 20 grams of protein in this thing and the real kicker? It’s dipped in chocolate and yet doesn’t feel too sugary. This is a great protein bar/candy bar hybrid, which is exactly what we’re looking for. Elevation makes a bunch of different flavors, too. Check em’ out.” This meaty protein bar will work wonders on your appetite. It’s hearty as far as protein bars go and tastes like the most filling candy bar life has to offer. 

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The 2022 Sporked Awards

We ate our way through hundreds of products this year to find the best. Now it’s time to honor the best of the best.

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