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Stepping into World Market is a mind-bending experience. Like, is it a grocery store or a furniture store? Why am I buying pasta sauce and an ottoman? It’s like a Pier 1 Imports had an adorable, above-average-IQ child with an international grocery store, and, frankly, it rules. On a recent visit to World Market, I had my eyes peeled for one thing in particular: European candy. World Market’s global food section is bursting at the seams with delicious German chocolate, Dutch licorice, and every Haribo product you could ever dream of. It’s truly a candy-lover’s paradise, so let’s take a look at what should land in your cart—next to the scented candle, soap dish, and the throw pillow you don’t really need—the next time you’re at World Market.

Kinder Riegel Milk Chocolate Sticks

You can’t talk about European candy and not talk about Kinder. Or at least, my family can’t. Anytime anyone I’m related to sees this in a store, we have to get it. Kinder chocolate is just so much better than what you get from that brand with the dark brown wrappers (I’m avoiding naming them directly in case they want to slide into my DMs and offer me free products to try to redeem themselves in my eyes). There are a lot of Kinder options at World Market, but none beat the original.

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Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Cats

There’s a huge selection of Dutch licorice available at World Market, but the second I saw these, they were a clear winner. While I may have qualms about eating a cat-shaped product, these little cuties are a testament to the superiority of cats, their cuteness, and their rightful place atop the best-pet throne. Sorry, dogs. (Okay, fine. Gustaf’s actually does have a bag of Beagle-shaped licorice if you favor canines instead.)

Haribo Goldbears

If you visit World Market, you have to make time to gaze at their wall of Haribo products. You can let your heart guide you here, but I have to give a special shoutout to my personal favorite (and the Sporked team’s, too): Goldbears. These are for true gummy bear fans. They come in great flavors—orange, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, and raspberry—but if you’re looking for something more specific, I also saw bags of Watermelons, Berries, and Happy Cheries next to the Goldbears.

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Efruitti Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Gummy Candy

Haribo gummies aren’t for everyone, so these seem like a good swap for people who like a squishier chew. Described as “fruit-flavored gummy candies [that] combine juicy strawberry with a touch of sweet cream,” a bag of these little suckers could go quickly if you’re big on strawberry flavor.

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Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar

The Cadbury Crunchie bar’s honeycomb center is what sets it apart from every other chocolate bar you’ll find at World Market. Though slightly misnamed, this sugary toffee is typically made with brown sugar and baking soda to give the toffee a light, rigid, sponge-like texture that’s then wrapped in Cadbury chocolate. Crunchie also happens to have a raving fan in the form of my own mother, who always appreciates a bar or two as a gift, so if you see it at World Market and want to make her week, reach out to me for her mailing address.

Noi Sirius Icelandic 56% Dark Chocolate Bar

This is starting to be a chocolate-heavy list, but Icelandic chocolate is no joke. This has to make the list of European candy to get at World Market because it’ll truly change your understanding of how indulgent chocolate was meant to be. Dark chocolate isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan, this seems like a no-brainer!

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Mamba Fruit Strips Chewy Candy

Mamba fruit chews are a thing of beauty (and did you know they’re German?). Akin to Starburst, these chewy morsels are found in a classic set of five flavors—strawberry, raspberry, orange, cherry, lemon. I couldn’t find Mamba original chews at World Market, but I did see this package of fruit strips in the same flavors, minus cherry. Of course, cherry is my favorite flavor, but, nevertheless, these look pretty good.

Gustaf’s Gumbilees Wine Gums Gummy Candy

Don’t get too excited, alcohol lovers out there. Though these gummy candies are inspired by rum, cognac, brandy and other spirits, they do not have actual alcohol in them. Not surprising, but a man can hope. These would have been perfect to sneak into the movie theater for a boozy little treat during that three-hour watch of Dune: Part Two.

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