16 Best Fajitas Fixins You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Is there anything more thrilling than a plate of sizzling fajitas? In terms of casual dining showmanship, fajitas are up there with onion volcanoes and tableside caesar salads. Now, you may not own one of those little skillets or a matching wooden trivet, but making fajitas at home is still very fun. And the most fun part—if it isn’t filling a dining room with aromatic meat smoke—is deciding how to top them. Here’s our guide to the best fajita toppings. 

Best Sour Cream 

best sour cream
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

You can’t have fajitas without a ramekin of sour cream on your little condiments plate. We even have a Mexican crema on this list—perfect for drizzling.

Best Vegan Sour Cream

best vegan sour cream
Credit: Paula Kunatee / Instacart / Trader Joe’s / Vons

If you don’t eat dairy, don’t worry—you don’t have to forgo sour cream with your fajitas. Just pick one of the best vegan sour creams and you’re golden.

Best Greek Yogurt

best greek yogurt
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon / Instacart / Target

Fajitas can be pretty darn healthy if you play your cards right. Greek yogurt is a great low-cal sour cream substitute—cool, creamy, and it even has that nice tang! 

Best Chipotle Ranch 

Best Ranch Dressings
Credit: Ryan Martin

Yes, we are suggesting you put ranch dressing on fajitas. No, we are not perverts. We’re talking about chipotle ranch, specifically. It’s smoky and creamy and makes a great topping for fajitas.

Best Salsa Verde 

best salsa verde

Green salsa is tangy and savory and tastes great with grilled chicken or steak. Pick a green guy from this list and add it to your list of fajitas toppings.

Best Red Salsa 

best store bought salsa
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target / Walmart

There’s so, so much red salsa at the grocery store, but we’ve found the best red salsa, whether you like the refrigerated kind or the shelf-stable jarred kind. Might as well pick up some of the best tortilla chips while you’re at it.

Best Corn

best canned corn
Credit: Merc

Crack open a can of corn. Mix it with some Rotel. Voila! Corn salsa. Just make sure you buy the best canned corn. 

Best Queso 

best queso
Credit: Merc

Fact: Everything is better with queso, and that goes for fajitas, too. If you’ve never had liquid cheese as a topping for fajitas, you’re missing out.

Best Refried Beans

best canned refried beans
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Amazon / Target

When you’re at a restaurant, do you ever use refried beans as a base for the rest of your fajita fixins? Well, it’s a real pro move. Give it a shot.

Best Black Beans

best black beans
Credit: Paula Kunatee

Add some fiber to your fajitas toppings with a sprinkle of the best black beans. Some of these come pre-seasoned and they’re realllly tasty.

Best Hot Sauce

best hot sauce
Credit: Merc

If you want your fajitas to sizzle (your tongue), top them with the best hot sauce. There’s an extra hot habanero hot sauce on this list that’s one of the best fajitas toppings.

Best Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese

best shredded mexican blend

Have you noticed that restaurants never give you enough cheese with your fajitas? Well, pick up a bag of the best shredded cheese for fajitas and use as much as you want for a change.

Best Vegan Shredded Cheese

Best Vegan Shredded Cheese
Merc / Instacart / Trader Joe’s

Not into dairy? Try one of our top vegan shredded cheese picks, like Violife’s Cheddar Shreds or their Mexican-Style Shreds.

Best Taco Sauce

best taco sauce ranking
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart / Target

Yes, it’s called “taco” sauce, but it works as a fajitas topping, too. We found some really interesting ones in our taste test.

Best Black Olives 

best black olives
Credit: Liv Averett / DeLallo / Instacart / Target / Vons

They’re salty. They’re packed with good fats. They taste great fajitas toppings on fully loaded fajitas. We have some pre-sliced ones on our list to make things even easier.

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