4 Gift Ideas for Your Most Casual Acquaintance

Sometimes you have to give a gift to a person you barely know. Whether it’s your boss’ wife or the new family that moved in next door, sometimes a stranger requires a gift. I have put together this list of the best, most palatable, easiest to gift gifts for your most casual acquaintances. These gifts are perfect because they are major crowd-pleasers and you don’t have to know the receiver at all to know that they’ll love it.

Non-Alcoholic Alcohol

These days, less and less people are drinking. Some people are fully sober and some people just don’t like the way it makes them feel. Because of that, I love to gift people nice bottles of non-alcoholic alcohol. This could be helpful if they’re doing a sober January, which continues to grow in popularity. Even if they are big drinkers, it won’t hurt for them to have some booze-less booze in their bar cart for guests. It’s very useful! Plus, this bottle of Clean Co Clean V Vodka will look beautiful sitting on a shelf.

Olive Oil

Literally everyone can use a bottle of nice olive oil. They can drizzle it over a Caprese salad, use it to roast salmon, or let it sit on their counter so people think they have good taste. Worst case scenario, they can re-gift it to someone else. It’s a great gift! Plus, good olive oil can range in price so you can easily find something to fit your budget. I’m telling you: If you gift someone a bottle of Brightland Olive Oil, they will be thrilled.


Gifting seasonings can be dicey because some people do not season their food (sad). Also, you have no clue what an acquaintance’s spice tolerance is or if they’re allergic to anything. That’s why you should gift fancy salt. Everyone can use salt. Even people limiting their sodium can use some salt. Whether you’re a chef or someone who barely sets foot in the kitchen, salt is useful! You’re casual acquaintance will think you’re very classy and know your way around the kitchen if you gift them something like this two-pack of Maldon Flake Sea Salt.

Gift Card to a Cool Brand

I know gift cards seem impersonal, but that’s why they’re so great! You don’t need to get a personal gift for a casual acquaintance. I think the key to gifting gift cards is buying a cool gift card. You can’t just give another adult a Target gift card (even though I’d be into that). Diaspora Spice Co. is a fair trade, woman-owned spice company with a wide selection of seasoning blends. Caputo’s is a tinned fish paradise. Big Night has a huge selection of fancy pantry goods. You cannot go wrong with a gift card to any of these places. Let them select their own gift, but show them that you’re cool and thoughtful by picking such an awesome store.

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