4 Foods You Should Be Buying at Walgreens

Walgreens is not technically a grocery store, but it’s starting to get pretty dang close.

This drugstore has so many culinary options that I go there for more than just my birth control. The next time you need to do some one stop shopping but can’t risk going to Target and accidentally spending $200 on stuff you don’t need, stop by Walgreens!

Here are four foods you should be buying at Walgreens.


Walgreens has a shockingly good selection of nuts. Not only is the diversity of types of nuts great, their prices are awesome! Serving size bags of glazed nuts for around $2. Shelled and unshelled pistachios for less than $10. They have every type of flavored almond you can imagine. Plus, they always have sales and coupons. Their deals are absolutely…nuts! Okay, I’m sorry. I’m done.

Frozen Meals

If you’re a fan of frozen meals, Walgreens is a great place to shop for a quick, microwaveable dinner. They have a great variety of heat and eat foods that are perfect when you need something to eat fast after a long day at work or for a no-effort depression meal. Mac and cheese, pizzas, lasagna, breakfast bowls, stir fries. They have iconic brands like Healthy Choice, Marie Calendar’s, Stouffer’s. They carry products from restaurants like White Castle and TGI Friday’s. Plus, they stock their own in-house brand, Nice! (Nice! is the brand—not my commentary on it.) What more could you want from a “drug” store?

Protein Bars

Not only does Walgreens have a good selection of protein bars, they have a lot of fancy protein bars. They have Quest, think!, RXBar, and more. Cookies and cream, fudge graham, lemon delight, and caramel pecan are just a few of the flavors they stock. Pop into Walgreens during your next run for a mid-workout protein boost.


If you’re wondering what to buy at Walgreens, the number one answer is cereal. Walgreens has a grocery store-level cereal selection—and we’re talking name brand stuff. They have multiple flavors of Special K and Cap’n Crunch. They have Oreos O’s. If the sugary stuff isn’t your style, you can also buy Grape Nuts and oat bran. Not only that, their cereals are regularly on sale. At the time of writing, Kellog’s chocolate-filled Krave cereal is on sale for 3 boxes for $6. Unbelievable! Plus, they keep the milk section stocked to make the perfect breakfast (or breakfast for dinner).

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