The Best Frozen Chicken Fries Are Cheaper Than Burger King and Just as Good

Chicken fries aren’t only available from the Burger King drive-thru. You can buy frozen chicken fries. You can bring them home and make air fryer chicken fries. I know—it’s a game changer. There aren’t many brands on the market, but I tried the three I could find: Kirkwood (aka Aldi chicken fries), Tyson chicken fries, and Yummy spicy chicken fries. Two are worth buying. 

So, what makes for really good frozen chicken fries? Ideally, they should taste just like the original chicken fries from Burger King. That means they should be about the width and length of the average finger. They should crisp up really well. They should have a savory, well-seasoned coating. And they should taste like actual chicken—not chicken mush. And if they’re spicy chicken fries, they should actually have a kick. 

The next time you’re craving finger-shaped chicken that isn’t actually chicken fingers, skip the drive-thru. When you want chicken fries, frozen is the way to go, as long as you buy the right brand. Here are the two frozen chicken fries brands you should buy.

yummy spicy chicken fries

Best Spicy Chicken Fries

Yummy Hot Chicken Breast Fries

My tasting notes for the Yummy spicy chicken fries read like they were written by someone really going through it: “Definitely spicy. Really spicy. Seriously f-ing spicy. Holy sh*t spicy!” So, I guess I’d say these spicy chicken fries follow through with their packaging’s flaming hot promise. They are, indeed, spicy. But there’s flavor, too. You get a touch of fruitiness from the chili pepper, which I love. I’m a big fan of spicy food that gets its heat from real peppers rather than capsaicin extract. These frozen chicken fries have a thick coating, which helps keep them…erect. Sorry, but there’s really no other word. Some of the other chicken fries we tried flopped over. I like a rock hard chicken fry. It’s easier to dip. And the chicken within the fry is good—definitely recognizable as poultry. My only quibble with these spicy chicken fries is they aren’t seasoned quite enough for me. But a quick dip into some ketchup or other dipping sauce will fix that.

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Best of the Best

Kirkwood Chicken Fries

Imagine the best chicken nugget, now stretch it out until it looks like your finger. That’s what these Aldi chicken fries taste like. They’re extremely savory with the perfect amount of black pepper for a bit of bite. The coating of crumbs is even and not too thick. I cooked them up in our toaster oven and they didn’t get quite crispy enough for me, but if you made air fryer chicken fries with them, I think you’d be very pleased. You don’t need to dip these chicken fries into anything—they’re that flavorful. And, since they’re from Aldi, you can get a whole pound of chicken fries, frozen, for less than a nine piece chicken fries meal from Burger King. Incredible.

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Other frozen chicken fries we tried: Tyson Any’tizers Homestyle Chicken Fries

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