Brand Name vs. Dupe: Can Great Value Beat Oreo at Its Own Game?

Can the classic Oreo cookie be beaten at its own game? Let’s find out in the Brand Name or Dupe Game, in which we decide whether a grocery store’s generic version of a beloved product is actually better than its inspiration. We tasted Oreo cookies against Walmart’s Oreo dupe, Great Value Twist & Shout. Both of these sandwich cookies include chocolate cookies and a vanilla sugar-based cream. They’re the same size and shape. They even smell the same. These, however, are my thoughts when it comes to the two rival creme sandwich cookies.


Everyone knows and likes Oreos, so I don’t feel the need to do an incredibly in-depth review. I will, however, tell you what I personally believe are some of Oreos’ pros and cons. For starters, I think Double Stuf Oreos are perfect. The ratio of creme to cookie is perfection. A regular Oreo, though? I have some notes.

1. There is not enough creme. Because of this, the cookies are too dry.

2. The cookies do not taste like chocolate.

3. The cream has a weird chemical-y taste if you think too much about it.

4. Double Stuf Oreos are sensational and any other version of Oreo is inferior.

I still like regular Oreos, though! They’re tasty and they’re certainly nostalgic. They have a wonderful crunch and the filling is perfectly creamy. Plus, they have a lot of structural integrity. They hold up well when dunked into milk.

Walmart Great Value Twist & Shout Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Similar to Oreos, Great Value Twist & Shouts have some pitfalls. There isn’t enough cream, they’re a little chemical-forward, and they are dry.

One pro, however, is that the chocolate cookie is much more chocolatey than an Oreo. When it comes to negatives, Twist & Shouts crumble under pressure (literally). Take one bite of this sandwich cookie and the creme starts squirting out in every direction. Oreos do not have this problem.

Brand Name or Dupe:

The brand name takes this round! Oreos are simply more delicious. I like how chocolate-forward Twist & Shouts are, but it can’t make up for the fact that Oreos just taste better overall. Plus, Oreos have a denser creme so they hold together much better as you eat them. Twist & Shouts are good, but just splurge for Oreos. You’ll be happy you did.

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