The Best Frozen Pepperoni Pizza for Your Next Pizza Party

If you’re looking for the best frozen pepperoni pizza at the grocery store, you certainly have a lot of options. Apart from frozen cheese pizza, frozen pepperoni pizza occupies the most real estate in the frozen aisle—good news for fans of spicy meat, bad news for fans of spicy meat who also suffer from decision paralysis. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 

We recently taste tested nine frozen pepperoni pizzas to find the best. What were we looking for in a good pepperoni pizza? Lots of pepperoni, first and foremost (top quality pepperoni, too). We tasted some really good pies that, sadly, were too sparsely covered in pepperoni (get it together, Home Run Inn, aka one of the best frozen pizza brands). Pepperoni pizza should be meaty, spicy, and pleasantly oily—I want the threat of imminent heartburn to be palpable when I eat one of these things. From thin crust pepperoni pizza to deep dish pepperoni pizza, here are the best frozen pepperoni pizzas to pick up at the grocery store. And don’t forget the Tums.

best pepperoni pizza

Best Rising Crust

DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

It’s always been funny to me that DiGiorno’s tagline is “It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiGiorno.” Like, yes. Duh. No pizzeria on planet earth makes pizza like this—but that’s not a dig. Sort of like McDonald’s hamburgers or Taco Bell tacos, DiGiorno pizzas are their own thing altogether, especially the Rising Crust varieties. So puffy. So doughy. So unlike delivery pizza, but no less irresistible. Crust aside, I absolutely love the pepperoni DiGiorno uses. It’s super smoky and flavorful, while the sauce is nice and mild. It complements the pepperoni rather than competing with it. All in all, this is one of the best pepperoni pizzas, especially if you’re into a nice, puffy, totally un-pizza-like crust.

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best deep dish pepperoni pizza

Best Deep Dish

Motor City Pizza Co. Pepperoni

If you’ve perused our frozen pizza rankings in the past, you know we love Motor City Pizza Co.’s Detroit-style pies. They’re just so good—crispy around the edges, and soft and oily in the center. This pie is topped with a thick blanket of cheese with layers of pepperoni beneath it and on top of it. It’s also topped with a really healthy sprinkle of oregano, but not too much. (I don’t love a lot of oregano on pizza, and this wasn’t overpowering in my opinion.) It’s the best frozen deep dish pizza topped with pepperoni you can buy.

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best thin crust pepperoni pizza

Best Thin Crust

Red Baron Thin and Crispy

This was my personal favorite, and I really didn’t expect that. Red Baron pizza always seemed low-rent to me (sorry!), but I keep loving their pies (and loaves—their supreme French bread pizza was our favorite). If you like Domino’s thin crust pizzas, this is the best thin crust pepperoni pizza you can buy. It’s practically a dupe. The crust is super crackery, but it’s still buttery and indulgent. The sauce is savory and the pie is topped with plenty of pepperoni, which contribute a little bit of spice on the finish. I would buy this again in a heartbeat. 

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best frozen pepperoni pizza

Best of the Best

Screamin’ Sicilian Holy Pepperoni

When Screamin’ Sicilian makes a frozen pepperoni pizza, they do not f*** around. And we love that. There’s even a window in the pizza box so you can see how pepperoni-strewn this pie is—you can’t even see cheese, only pepperoni. In a previous ranking of the best frozen pizza, we said Screamin’ Sicilian tastes like arcade pizza, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s nostalgic and harkens back to a time when you could eat whatever you wanted without shame or gastrointestinal retribution. All the same, this pie is stacked with peps, so, as I said earlier, don’t forget the Tums.

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  • What is the best pizza tomato sauce on a frozen pizza and what is the best-canned pizza tomato sauce? Thank You

  • Y’all gotta give Imo’s Frozen Pizza a try! Thin crust pizza from St. Louis MO. The cheese – Provel – is one of a kind…Don’t wanna say too much about it until you try but it is GOOD!!

  • Red Baron has a new personal microwave size pepperoni pizza that should probably be on this list for convenience alone if you like Red Barron’s pizza. Sure it’s thicker crust, but it’s still Red Baron’s.

    Tombstone whilst can be hard to fine and seemingly stopped advertising that it still exists continues to be my personal favorite pizza, but Red Baron’s being a number the convenient microwave size makes it a nice quick snack on the go or a lunch at work.

  • No Home Run Inn or Brew Pub ?

    Think you’re missing a few key options

    • In the intro to the article, I mention that we did, in fact, taste Home Run Inn. It doesn’t have enough pepperoni to be a best pepperoni pizza. Sorry!

      • Home Run Inn is delicious and I like it’s par-baked, no-mess out of box experience. But its distinct flavors prevent it from being a pizza go-to. I have to be specifically in the mood for it.