The Best Frozen Spring Rolls, Ranked

What should you expect from the best frozen spring rolls? Well, along with the promise of wealth and abundance when consumed in the first 14 days of the Chinese New Year, they should check the following boxes: crunchy veggies that provide texture and nuance with every bite; a delicate, thin wrapper that crisps up nicely in the oven; and a fragrant, refreshing filling to balance out the light greasiness of the fried dough.  

Egg rolls? Been there, done that. It’s spring, baby. That means it’s time to roll out our list of the best frozen spring rolls and stop writing “puns are the lowest form of comedy” in the comments sections of my articles. (No one has commented that yet, but it’s only a matter of time.) So grab your favorite peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce, and let’s dip into the best spring rolls you can find in the frozen aisle. 

Best Frozen Spring Rolls - Corn Flavored

Best Corn Flavor

InnovAsian Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls

Putting the name of this brand aside, InnovAsian Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls have real merit. Their delicate wrapper is crispy, flaky, and slightly greasy, coming out of the oven with an appealing golden sheen. There isn’t a ton of filling in these little guys, but they do contain a good amount of corn and water chestnuts, which gives them a sweet and pleasant flavor despite being mostly wrapper. (Seriously, that slightly sweet and smoky corn flavor alone secured these a spot among the best frozen spring rolls.) 

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Best Trader Joe's Frozen Spring Rolls

Best Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Spring Rolls

Here’s the honest truth about TJ’s veggie spring rolls: Like many frozen veggie dumplings, they are a little gloopy on the inside. That said, these are still some of the best spring rolls because they’re super fragrant and flavorful and packed with tons of veggies—including edamame, kale, and carrots. The gloop is manageable. The juicy, salty, umami flavor in every bite is totally bomb. Serial TJ’s shoppers should totally buy these.

Credit: Merc / Trader Joe’s




Best Mini Frozen Spring Rolls

Best Mini Spring Rolls

Royal Asia Vegetable Spring Rolls with Soy Ginger Sauce

Fifty mini spring rolls for $12? We really shouldn’t have expected anything less from Costco. These two-bite spring rolls make the perfect party dippers—especially with the tangy soy ginger sauce that comes with it. (If you’re worried there isn’t enough sauce for fifty spring rolls, don’t be—I didn’t count them all, but I saw at least eight sauce packets when I opened the box.) While we cooked them in an oven, I’d wager these would be some of the best spring rolls to toss in an air fryer, too! 

Credit: Merc / Costco




Best Frozen Spring Rolls - Mushroom Flavor

Best Mushroom Flavor

Chung’s Vegetable Spring Rolls

Not to make this about me, but I would do a lot for a shiitake mushroom. (Sporked ranked canned mushrooms recently—it was an exciting day for me.) You can probably see where this is going, but one of the best things about Chung’s Vegetable Spring Rolls is the strong shiitake mushroom flavor. Complemented by crunchy celery and a light, delicate wrapper that’s soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, these veggie spring rolls manage, somehow, to be both refreshing and deeply savory at the same time. (And that’s the beauty of mushrooms, y’all.) If you’re a certified, shit-talking shiitake freak like myself, these are the best frozen spring rolls for you.

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Runner Up, Best Frozen Spring Rolls

Runner Up

Good & Gather Spring Rolls, Vegetable

Like any major brand, Good & Gather products can be hit or miss. But we can say with certainty that they just get spring rolls. The wrapper is crispy, greasy, and thin, but still able to pack a ton of veggies (carrots, cabbage, kale, shiitake mushroom—oh man, am I a sucker for a little shiitake mushroom). Seriously, these spring rolls are plump. The standout ingredient here is edamame, which you get with every bite. These are some of the best frozen spring rolls you can find—they really taste like you’re eating something freshly rolled and lightly fried in a restaurant kitchen! 

Credit: Merc / Target




Best of the Best Frozen Spring Rolls

Best of the Best

Good & Gather Spring Rolls, Chicken Thai Basil

Spring rolls originated in China, begging the question: Is it controversial to proclaim that these Thai-style chicken spring rolls are the best frozen spring rolls we tried? Maybe, but we can’t help it: They had the whole Sporked team (plus Mythical Chef Josh, who likes to wander over when he smells food) ooo-ing and ahh-ing. Filled with chicken and fragrant basil, these probably aren’t what come to mind when you picture the quintessential best spring roll. Despite being the only spring roll on this list with meat, these still taste super light, bright, and vegetable-forward. One bite, and you feel like you’re sitting in a booth at your local Thai bistro. We adored these—but hey, if you’re looking for something more traditional, the others on this list are great, too. 

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  • I haven’t tried any on the list and I’m sure it won’t compare but Jennifer’s Garden Traditional Vegetable Spring Rolls at the dollar tree are pretty good for $1.25