The Best Frozen Vegetable Dumplings Will Turn Your House into a Dim Sum Restaurant

The best frozen vegetable dumplings are easy to cook and taste great. You should be able to cook them in a skillet on the stovetop, in an air fryer, or in the microwave. Any preparation should turn great frozen vegetable dumplings into a simple and tasty dinner.

To find the best frozen veggie dumplings, I tried a bunch of widely available varieties. The three frozen vegetable dumplings that made our ranking are accessible, and they’re so delicious that I’d recommend running out to buy them. They’re really that good. You can have a great dumpling dinner, even if you don’t have the budget for takeout right now.

best frozen vegetable dumplings

Best Budget

Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza

If you can’t make it to a store that stocks Asian-owned dumpling brands, Trader Joe’s frozen veggie dumplings will do. They actually taste really good! The filling is moist, the dumpling wrapper is delicate, and they cook quickly. Plus, they’re so affordable. Toss them into soup or serve them as an appetizer. Either way, you have delicious frozen veggie dumplings.

Credit: Liv Averett




best frozen vegetable dumplings

Best Filling

Bibigo Organic Potstickers Vegetable Dumplings

I adore these Bibigo frozen vegetable dumplings. They ranked high in a previous frozen dumpling taste test, and I’m comfortable declaring them the best frozen veggie dumplings you can buy at the grocery store because they are just so unique. Almost every other store-bought frozen vegetable dumpling is going to be filled with some kind of thin, clear noodle. You might also get some carrots. Boring! These are packed with edamame and tofu and green onions. They’re so filling and packed with protein. These are so delicious and I insist you purchase them as soon as possible.

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best frozen vegetable dumplings

Best of the Best

O’food Vegetable Dumplings

O’Food Vegetable Dumplings are some of the most authentic frozen vegetable dumplings I’ve tried. They are very chive-heavy and remind me of pork and chive dumplings you’d get at a legit Chinese restaurant, just minus the pork. I also love that these frozen veggie dumplings are square. According to O’Food, the shape “makes it more easy to pan-fry” and helps the dumplings to get “crunchy to the edge.” These are the best of the best when it comes to frozen vegetable dumplings.

Credit: Merc / O’food




Other veggie dumplings we tried: Nasoya Korean BBQ, Nasoya Thai Basil, Feel Good, Day-Lee Pride

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