The Best Frozen Steak Fries Pack a Punch of Potato

Steak fries—even the best steak fries—aren’t for everyone. Crinkle cut fries can be controversial, but some people have a downright negative reaction to big, thick, potatoey steak fries. Personally, I love them—when they’re done correctly. No, I’m not advocating for those limp, grainy slabs of potato they serve you at bad restaurants. I’m advocating for the crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, filling, satisfying steak fries that taste unbelievable dunked in ketchup and even better drenched in malt vinegar. If I’m having fish and chips, steak fries are what I crave (for real, pair the fries on this list with the best frozen fish fillets). 

We stocked up on all the frozen steak fries we could find at the grocery store—including Red Robin frozen steak fries—and cooked them up in our countertop oven to find the best frozen steak fries you can buy. 

best steak fries

Best Classic

Signature Select Classic Steak Cut French Fried Potatoes

If you want classic frozen steak fries—no zesty seasoning, no special crispy coating—these are the best steak fries at the grocery store. The insides are super creamy and tasty. They taste fresh and oily, like they just came out of a restaurant fryer. And, let me tell ya, not all store brand steak fries are this good; we also tried Kroger Brand and Great Value and they weren’t worthy of ranking. I will say that these didn’t crisp up all that well in our toaster oven, but I think you might have more luck cooking them in an air fryer. I didn’t mind them a little limp, though. These are perfect for fish and chips. Drown these in malt vinegar and they’ll be so awesome.

Credit: Merc / Albertsons 




best frozen steak fries

Best Flavor

Lamb Weston Super Crispy Steak Fries

When we’re taste testing frozen french fries, Lamb Weston almost always ranks. We love their crinkle cut fries, their waffle fries, and their hand cut fries. Besides using real Idaho potatoes (which I choose to believe make the fries more delicious), Lamb Weston coats all their fries in a potato starchy coating that gives them a nice crispness, even in the absence of a deep fryer. No surprise: The coating is very delicious on steak fries. Besides coating, these fries actually have some skin on them, too. It gives them a nice earthy flavor and makes them taste homemade. If you are anti seasoning, skip the number one steak fries on this list and get Lamb Weston instead. They’re the best frozen steak fries if you like skin.

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best steak fries

Best of the Best

Red Robin Seasoned Steak Fries

Red Robin is famous for steak fries. I’ve always thought it was wild that they offered bottomless baskets of fries because, dear lord, steak fries are so filling—how many baskets are people going through?? I mean, no judgment. In fact, I’m impressed. Anyway, the frozen version of their famous fries? I could probably down a couple of baskets. They are so, so creamy inside, and the seasoning is salty and a little bit zesty, kind of like Lawry’s seasoning salt. My favorite thing about them is that the seasoning really flavors the whole fry. Very delicious. These were good in the oven, but would be better in the air fryer. Now all you need is a paper-lined basket.

Credit: Merc / Walmart




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