The Best Frozen Turkey Meatballs for a Lighter Sunday Dinner

The best frozen turkey meatballs should be just as good as meatballs made with beef and/or pork. Sadly, that is not the case. Frozen turkey meatballs are not that good in general. We did, however, find two that get the job done.

When it comes to store bought turkey meatballs, we were looking for a nice savory flavor and meat that wasn’t too spongy. Something that would pair well with a good marinara sauce and maybe even convince your family they’re homemade. Once again, frozen turkey meatballs are not the best version of frozen meatballs, nor are htey the best use of turkey. If you absolutely insist on buying frozen turkey meatballs, these are the best options we found in our taste test.

store bought turkey meatballs

Best of the Best Runner-Up

Good & Gather Turkey Meatballs

These little meat morsels are actually pretty good! They’re on the smaller side for frozen turkey meatballs, so they’re not too weirdly meaty. They have a nice savory flavor and a good amount of salt. I would plop these into homemade Italian wedding soup in a heartbeat. And since they’re from Target, you can get them pretty much anywhere in America. When it comes to the best store bought turkey meatballs, Good & Gather is good so go gather some!

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best frozen turkey meatballs

Best of the Best

Signature Select Turkey Meatballs

Signature Select Turkey Meatballs (sold at Albertsons-owned grocery stores) are the best frozen turkey meatballs we tried. They actually have some real flavor to them. You get some garlic and onion and a little herbiness from the dried parsley. The best part is the texture: They’re not too mushy or springy. They’re just meaty, which is exactly what you want from premade turkey meatballs. While you would be better off making your own turkey meatballs from scratch, these are the best store bought turkey meatballs if you insist on buying them from the store.

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