The Only Chili You Should Be Buying for Game Day

If you’re having people over for the Big Game (you know the one I’m talking about), you’re going to be tempted to make a big ol’ pot of chili. In fact, you may have landed on this page because you were looking for a good game day chili recipe, in which case, hello! We don’t do that here! But we’re still so happy you stopped by, because we have good news to share: You can skip all of the chopping and simmering, and simply heat up the best canned chili for game day instead. 

I led our most recent canned chili taste test, and while the canned chili I’m about to recommend wasn’t our top pick, it’s perfect for a crowd for a few reasons. That chili is (drumroll, plz)…Stagg Chili Turkey Ranchero Chili with Beans. All of our taste testers agreed that, of all the canned chili we tasted, this one was the most like homemade. You can taste chili powder and cumin. You can see bits of diced bell peppers and onions. It’s incredibly savory, like it was simmered on a stove top all afternoon. But the biggest selling point is actually the turkey. I know, I know. Turkey chili is never better than chili made with beef, right? This chili challenges beef’s hegemony. See, what you’ll find in this can isn’t ground turkey, it’s shredded turkey. Like, nice, stewed dark meat. But, still, it’s turkey, so people who don’t eat red meat can enjoy. 

best game day snacks

The Best Game Day Snacks

It’s time to watch football, yes, but mostly it’s time to eat snacks! Here are some of the best game day snacks from our rankings.

I get it. You might feel weird about serving canned chili at the big game day party you yourself volunteered to host, but everyone will be happy you have more time to chill, drink beer, and hang out with them (unless they are shitty friends). Put out a bunch of chili bar fixinsshredded cheddar, sour cream, Cheetos for crumbling, etc.—hide all the empty cans in the recycling bin, and enjoy yourself!

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  • No!!! Just no!!! I tried Stagg chili when my grocery store giving it away free with the purchase of another product. Even at no cost it was still overpriced. Just don’t. You’ll thank me later.