The Best Dollar Tree Halloween Treats to Buy this Spooky Season

It’s October and that means it’s Halloween at Dollar Tree! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I firmly believe in going big the entire month of October. Going big doesn’t mean blowing your budget, though. Enter: Dollar Tree, a bargain store that sells a ton of great Halloween treats for a steal. If you’re wondering what to buy at Dollar Tree this month, here is a list of the best Dollar Tree Halloween treats. 

As always, this is not an ad. I just love a bargain, and the people that work at the Dollar Tree near me are very, very nice so it makes me want to shop there. Plus, you simply cannot beat these spooky savings!

Halloween-Themed Goodies (Duh!)

Dollar Tree has a wonderful selection of Halloween-themed goodies this year. They have classic products that are packaged with Halloween imagery, like their Fun Sweets Candy Corn Cotton Candy, Bubblegum Eyeballs, and Boo Bling Candy Jewelry. The Spooktacular Gummies Mix comes in fun Halloween shapes like skulls, owls, and ghosts. My personal favorite Dollar Tree Halloween product is the bag of ZomBee Bloody Bites Glow in the Dark Plastic Fangs. They ooze watermelon goo that looks like blood!

Bags for Trick-or-Treat Gifting

If you go all out on Halloween and want to put out more than just a bowl of candy, add these bags to your Dollar Tree grocery list. The Candy Corn Halloween Cellophane Treat Bags and Halloween Drawstring Character Shaped Treat Bags are perfect for filling with toys and candy for Halloween parties, classrooms, or trick-or-treaters.

New Treats for Trick-or-Treaters

Being the coolest house on the block on Halloween is something that’s important to me. To do that, you must give out the best treats! These cups of Chips Ahoy! Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies or these Push Pop Lollipop Suckers will be a massive hit with trick-or-treaters—and you can bet they won’t be getting them from any other house on the block. It’s so much more impressive than giving out one tiny piece of candy. Plus they’re super affordable at Dollar Tree, making them the perfect get for All Hallows Eve.

Caramel Apple Flavored-Candies

Anyone who’s anyone knows that pumpkin spice is out and caramel apple is in. Dollar Tree is clearly keeping their eyes on trends. Caramel Apple Cow Tails and Werther’s Original Soft Harvest Apple Caramel Candy are just two of the caramel apple products you should add to your Dollar Tree grocery list. Get them before the season is over because they are good!
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