All the Drinks You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree

We’ve tackled what foods you should buy at Dollar Tree and now we’re here to tell you what to buy at Dollar Tree when it comes to drinks.

I would argue that the drinks at Dollar Tree are the real all-stars of the budget grocery store. The selection is incredible and the prices are low. While beverage options can vary from store to store, these are some greatest hits of Dollar Tree drinks. I’ve compiled them here for you. Throw them on your Dollar Tree grocery list!

As always, this is not sponsored. I just love getting a good deal and I am very, very thirsty.

Frozen Versions of Your Favorite Drinks

I’ve seen a whole slew of different frozen versions of popular drinks at Dollar Tree, like Barq’s Root Beer pops, Sonic signature drink slush bars, and Icee Cups. They’re perfect for summer when your favorite beverage over ice just isn’t cold enough to beat the heat. Don’t forget to check the freezer section the next time you’re looking for Dollar Tree drinks.

Drink Mixes

You can find powdered versions of almost any beverage at Dollar Tree. Hawaiian Punch? Yes. Skittles? Yes. Sunkist? Mhm. Make sure to add powdered drink mixes to your Dollar Tree grocery list.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can be pricey. Luckily, Dollar Tree has tons of options for very low prices. Rockstar, True North, and Bang are just a few energy drinks you’ll see lining the shelves. They even have energy shots! Just be careful with your consumption. I don’t want your heart to explode.

Aloe Drinks

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, aloe vera has tons of health benefits. Some research shows that oral consumption of aloe vera can help with diabetes, hepatitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Nice! Dollar Tree has a nice selection of aloe vera drinks. Get hydrated and get healthy by adding one to your Dollar Tree haul, like AloeVita Organic Aloe in Pure Water Green Grape.

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  • The use of they’re and their in the about the author section, is incorrect. Sad, that individuals are subject to reading this illiterate drivel.

  • And don’t forget the 64 oz fruit drinks, ie Cranberry juice and other assorted blends. Supermarket prices range from $4-$6

  • Good stuff, I trust Jordan and what she is about. Dog eating fries is interesting. Popcorn with butter might be a nice treat .

    Karen dudes comment about “they’re and or their” tells me he’s a jealous hater.

  • Jordan,
    I watch you on Good Mythica Morning and always learn something new. It’s a great feeling to still learn new things at 69 years old! Dollar Tree is favorite place to shop. I will check out the freezer section next trip. I already buy some drinks there. Thank you for your insightful sharing and thank you for all you do!

  • I shopped at the Dollar Tree before I go to the grocery store there is some things that’s the same brand same quality at a way cheaper price that is my favorite dollar savings store

  • Wy don’t all dollar tree have on hand stars and stripes the Osage Iowa store don’t carry this pops

  • They also have Body Armor and Vitamin Water, as well as Gatorade and 2 liter name brand sodas at mine!