All the Drinks You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree: An Updated List

Looking for the best Dollar Tree drinks? We’re updating this page with the best Dollar Tree drinks we see on our frequent Dollar Tree walks. Check out what the D-Tree had to offer on our most recent visit.

Contrary to popular belief, Dollar Tree comes in handy for many shopping needs: canned foods, frozen foods, healthy snacks, and, of course, budget-friendly beverages. In fact, during our last trip there, we explored the beverage aisle with a sense of childlike wonder. So here’s a guide to the best kinds of Dollar Tree drinks we found, from us to you. 

Pro tip: not everything you see in-store at Dollar Tree will show up online. (In fact, a lot of it won’t! Isn’t that fun?) You’re going in blind, folks. But that’s what makes every trip to Dollar Tree an adventure! Make peace with the chaos, and you’ll be just fine. 

Boylan Black Cherry

I’m not here to influence the Burp Bracket, I promise. I am here to advocate for a delicious drink that also happens to be among the contenders in the Burp Bracket. I love black cherry and I especially love Boylan’s rendition of this classic flavor. This stuff is good. I don’t run into a lot of things that I’ve tried before when I’m looking for drinks at Dollar Tree, but I can give this one a big seal of approval.

Blackberry Smash Brisk Iced Tea

This is peak Dollar Tree drinks. Have you heard of Blackberry Smash Brisk Iced Tea before? Maybe. Have you ever tried it? I doubt it. This is the ideal opportunity to do just that though. Grab one and find out just what “Blackberry Smash” could entail. Is it as aggressive as it sounds? I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.

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Kool-Aid Jammers Tropical Punch Flavored Drink

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I was so addicted to these pouches of pure sugar as a teen that I had heartburn. Yes, diagnosed heartburn. I had pills and everything. That’s how weirdly good these are. Or maybe they’re just my kryptonite. Either way, proceed with caution but enjoy the journey. I quit these cold turkey long ago, and I’m afraid of what they’d do to my newly minted 30-year-old body, so add these to your Dollar Tree grocery list and enjoy a pouch for me.

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Alani Nu Maple Donut Protein Coffee

Alani Nu is everywhere, so of course they’ve found their way into the selection of Dollar Tree drinks. I am truly fascinated by the duality of a protein-heavy coffee drink, but I’m all for efficiency! The best thing about Dollar Tree is that there’s no buying in bulk even if you wanted. Buy one bottle to see if it’s for you, and if it’s not, just move on to the next thing. That’s the joy of buying drinks at Dollar Tree! No harm, no foul!

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Azul Coconut Pineapple Water

For my money, this is the ideal Dollar Tree drink. Let’s start with the packaging. What on Earth is going on with the design of this can? Words split onto two lines, text going in every direction, fruits and flowers and splishes of water. At the end of the day, will this wind up just being a regular old coconut water? Probably. Will I love the experience of buying it all the same? 100% yes.

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Mtn Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch

Much like your gamer nephew, Dollar Tree seems to run on energy drinks. There were a lot to choose from on our recent visit to scan the aisles for Dollar Tree drinks, but this Mtn Dew bev stood out among the Monsters and the Primes. Who doesn’t love Mtn Dew? Especially Mtn Dew that has almost twice as much caffeine and fruit juice? Our local Dollar Tree also had a black cherry flavor, but we didn’t want to double up on the black cherry with Boylan already on the list.

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Lady Bora Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

Bubble tea in a can fascinates me to no end. I obviously don’t think it’ll be better than the bubble tea I can get at the boba shop down the street, but what a cool thing to have in the fridge if a craving strikes at 3 a.m. At $1.25 a can, this Lady Bora bubble tea strikes me as one of those Dollar Tree drinks you kind of can’t afford not to buy.

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