All the Drinks You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree: An Updated List

Looking for the best Dollar Tree drinks? We’re updating this page with the best Dollar Tree drinks we see on our frequent Dollar Tree walks. Check out what the D-Tree had to offer on our most recent visit.

Contrary to popular belief, Dollar Tree comes in handy for many shopping needs: canned foods, frozen foods, healthy snacks, and, of course, budget-friendly beverages. In fact, during our last trip there, we explored the beverage aisle with a sense of childlike wonder. So here’s a guide to the best kinds of Dollar Tree drinks we found, from us to you. 

Pro tip: not everything you see in-store at Dollar Tree will show up online. (In fact, a lot of it won’t! Isn’t that fun?) You’re going in blind, folks. But that’s what makes every trip to Dollar Tree an adventure! Make peace with the chaos, and you’ll be just fine. 

Canned Iced Coffee

Do you like sugar, caffeine, and whimsy? Well, mosey on over to the iced coffee section at Dollar Tree and you’ll be right at home. Oreo iced coffee? Twinkies iced lattes? Snickers iced coffee by Victor Allen’s? We’ve never been closer to death or felt more alive. You’ll also find creamers like CoffeeMate or Shamrock at a lower price, plus a decent selection of ground and instant coffee in the pantry aisle. 

Specialty Sodas

Did you think we were done with caffeinated beverages? That’s cute. You know what else is cute? These bottled craft sodas from Mexican soft drink brand Jarritos, which Dollar Tree stocks in a wide variety of flavors. In fact, Dollar Tree thrives on specialty and small-scale soda brands. Are you a Faygo fanatic? A Shasta stan? These are all lining the shelves at $1.25 a pop, you guys. And it’s not all plastic and cans: like Jarritos, they have a shelf section dedicated to glass bottles of IBC root beer (some of the best root beer around), Sprecher Cream soda, Boylan’s soda, and more. 

Cheap Bottled and Boxed Water

Okay, fun’s over. Time to remember that we are mortal, finite creatures who need to prioritize our health and wellness in this big scary world. Hence: hydration. Luckily Dollar Tree has water aplenty. We noticed Crystal Geyser, Nestle Pure Life, Zenwtr, and boxed water brand Flow Spring Water. Now, is Dollar Tree water cheaper than other water, you may ask? You bet. Prices may depend on your area, but our local Walmart sells a pack of six Crystal Geyser for over $8, and these are $1.25 at Dollar Tree. 

Brand Name Soda for Cheap

After seeing big soda brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper on the shelves, we knew we had to do some price comparisons. It may depend on your location, but 1.25 liter bottles of those brands were selling for $1.25 at our local Dollar Tree. That’s between 20 cents to $1 cheaper than other grocery stores (including Walmart) in the area. So is it worth the trek to Dollar Tree to get these deals? We think so!

Nostalgic Juice Jugs and Boxes

The packs of juice boxes and jugs brightening the shelves at Dollar Tree really brought us back to simpler times: elementary school. Obviously, as adults, Juicy Juice and rainbow Happy Drinks don’t serve much of a purpose other than fuel for our nostalgia. But to parents reading this, give their juice selection a shot! Might save you a buck or two on school lunches every day.

Drink Mixes

Mini juice packs aren’t going to be enough for fully grown humans, and that’s okay. You can find powdered versions of almost any beverage at Dollar Tree. Hawaiian Punch? Yes. Skittles? Yes. Sunkist? Mhm. Make sure to add powdered drink mixes to your Dollar Tree grocery list.

Sparkling Juice

Okay, Martinelli’s? The Sporked-approved best sparkling apple cider you can get at the grocery store? Now we’re talking. We were pleasantly surprised by the wide flavor selection of Martinelli’s Sparkling Juices and Sparkling Ices here. Dollar Tree dinner party drinks? Yes, please.

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  • Please bring back Turkey Hill Iced Tea. In Dayton Ohio area.

  • I found HINT water at Dollar Tree. It costs 1.89 at my local grocery store per bottle. Dollar Tree and Amazon add up to the same price for a dozen (which is how much you have to buy in a pack via Amazon).

  • They also have Body Armor and Vitamin Water, as well as Gatorade and 2 liter name brand sodas at mine!

  • Wy don’t all dollar tree have on hand stars and stripes the Osage Iowa store don’t carry this pops

  • I shopped at the Dollar Tree before I go to the grocery store there is some things that’s the same brand same quality at a way cheaper price that is my favorite dollar savings store

  • Jordan,
    I watch you on Good Mythica Morning and always learn something new. It’s a great feeling to still learn new things at 69 years old! Dollar Tree is favorite place to shop. I will check out the freezer section next trip. I already buy some drinks there. Thank you for your insightful sharing and thank you for all you do!

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    Karen dudes comment about “they’re and or their” tells me he’s a jealous hater.

  • And don’t forget the 64 oz fruit drinks, ie Cranberry juice and other assorted blends. Supermarket prices range from $4-$6

  • The use of they’re and their in the about the author section, is incorrect. Sad, that individuals are subject to reading this illiterate drivel.