Big Lots Haul! 9 Snacks You Should Be Buying at Big Lots

Big Lots may be where you go to buy affordable decorative candles and cut-rate mattress toppers, but the Big Lots snacks section is where you should be spending your time. It’s a treasure trove of name brand products you’ve never heard of, and the prices are low so that you can really take a chance on products you wouldn’t necessarily try if you had to pay full price at your usual grocery store. On the flip side, you’ll typically find a few things you know and love, too, so you can really stock up! Big Lots is a snack lover’s paradise, so let’s talk about a few Big Lots snacks you shouldn’t miss on your next trip.

Girl Scouts Bites

I was able to find these little bite-sized, chocolate-covered cookie snacks in both Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel (aka Samoas) flavors at my local Big Lots. These are perfect for getting me through to the next Girl Scout Cookie season when I miscalculate how many boxes I need to fill my freezer with this February.

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Nutter Butter Cookie Pop Popcorn

Weird popcorn is one of those quintessential Big Lots snacks. For real, who’s going to buy a whole bag of peanut butter cookie- or Sour Patch Kids-flavored popcorn at the regular grocery store for $6 (or whatever) when you just need to try it as an experiment. I mean, sure, it could be the most delicious thing ever, but even if it stinks, it was only $1.29. If you’re like me and will try just about anything at that price point, make at least one insane popcorn part of your next Big Lots haul.

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Stauffer’s Ginger Snap Cookies

I’m logging this under “I know these cookies are good, so I’m buying as many bags as I can carry.” Stauffer’s Ginger Snaps are the perfect cookies. I could eat them endlessly, so maybe it’s not a good thing I can buy them for a low, low price at Big Lots…but I’ll worry about that later.

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Fun Pack Foods S’mores Kit

Everything you need to make s’mores in one box for $5? I’m sold. No need to worry about what to do with the leftover graham crackers or marshmallows with this kit. That’s at Big Lots snack worth checking out in my book!

Pringles Cheddar & Sour Cream

Pringles are pretty cheap no matter where you buy them, but, hey, if you’re already at Big Lots, no harm in making the Sporked crew’s favorite Pringles flavor part of your Big Lots haul.

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IHOP Mini Pancake Cereal Blueberry & Syrup

Do I think this cereal is going to be my new go-to breakfast? Obviously not. But if I can test it out for $4 and not have to live my life never knowing whether it’s actually the best thing I’ve ever tasted, I’ll give it a shot, dammit. If you’re not feeling that adventurous on your Big Lots trip, I also saw boxes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- and Guardians of the Galaxy-themed cereals, both of which came in more normal flavors, for about $2 each.

Italione Wafer Bites

I will buy these by the truckload and they still will not last me a week. The mad lads at Italione really took one of the most snackable snacks and cut them into bite sized pieces so I can’t even be slowed down by the act of dusting crumbs off my chest after every bite. These little wafer cookies come in a variety of flavors, so just go hog wild in the Big Lots snacks aisle if you spot them.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Marshmallow Snack Bars, Chocolatey Chip Cookie Dough

These Rice Krispies Treats, which have cookie dough flavoring and chocolate chips on top, were a real steal at Big Lots at about half the price I usually see them at the grocery store. Stock up on some to throw in your kid’s lunch box or to keep on hand when you need a quick little sweets fix in the afternoon.

Wabash Valley Farms Microwave Popcorn Cobs

At around $3.50 for a single cob, this isn’t a deal compared to popcorn kernels you can buy at the grocery store (let alone bagged microwave popcorn), but there’s a coolness factor to this Big Lots snack that’s priceless. Popping popcorn right off the cob like our ancestors intended is something I’ll pay a few extra dollars for.

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