Valentine’s Day Treats We Spotted at Dollar Tree

What do you do when Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday but payday isn’t until Friday? Head to Dollar Tree to help stretch your budget, of course. In fact, while we’re here, let me fill you in on a two-stop Valentine’s Day hack: First stop a Dollar Tree for cheap Valentine’s Day treats, then stop at Trader Joe’s for a bouquet of $5 flowers and voila—Valentine’s Day on the cheap, baby, and no one will be the wiser. Before you head out on your errand, let’s talk about some of the best Valentine’s Day treats I spotted on a recent trip to Dollar Tree.

Russell Stover Valentine’s Day Red Foil Heart Assorted Gift Box

If your partner is into gifts that are simple and traditional, this is the pick for you. At five bucks, this is a little bit pricier than a lot of the other treats on this list, but this is a Sporked-approved box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, and that’s worth the extra dough (if you ask me, a person who works for Sporked).

Queen Anne Cordial Cherries

These chocolate-covered cherries are available in milk or dark chocolate, and both sound damn good (although the milk chocolate version is for real-deal sweets lovers). These are pretty old-school, but I don’t think your Valentine has to be elderly to enjoy them (but also good on you if you have an elderly valentine).

Sour Patch Kids Black Raspberry Sour Hearts Candy

So you’ve bagged yourself a goth baddie and you don’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that matches their aesthetic? I’ve got just the thing for you. Get them a few boxes of Sour Patch Kids sour hearts and a dozen black roses and you’re all set!

Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Conversation Hearts

These would be perfect for anyone who’s found themselves in a relationship with someone just incredibly out of their league. Nothing says “you’re a true hottie” quite like a bag of Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Conversation Hearts.

SpongeBob SquarePants Heart-Shaped Krabby Patties Gummy Candy

Forget a ring, I only want to be proposed to with a box of heart-shaped Krabby Patties. These are beauty, these are grace. They also come with to/from stickers so you can profess your love to a crush in secret if you wish. But once they see these coming their way, they’re going to track you down so they can give you a big sloppy wet kiss (I imagine).

Sherwood Premium Milk Chocolate Truffles

These would be the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day basket. They’re individually wrapped and a great way to switch things up if you’re over giving a box of chocolates for the big day. I also saw a version with white chocolate and strawberry cream for those with finer tastes (I like white chocolate, what can I say).

Post Fruity Pebbles Valentine Lollipop & Card Kits

This is one of many candy-and-card kits I found at Dollar Tree. If you have a child in elementary school who is still obligated to hand out Valentine’s Day cards, Dollar Tree is where you should be going. You get 12 for $1.25, which is a real steal, so get some for the kids but save some for yourself, too.

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