What You Should Be Buying from the Costco Bakery Section

I have to cautiously share my love for the Costco bakery section. It has some amazing finds and lots of deals, yes. But there’s an unquantifiable sadness that accompanies falling in love with a product only for it to be slowly phased out as you go back. Do I panic-buy three dozen cinnamon rolls because that’s all they had left? I mean, it may not be the worst idea I’ve ever had. I do know that there are a few staples you should be buying each each time you visit the Costco bakery—and a few others you should savor if you can find them.

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Butter Croissant, 12 Count

These soft, flaky pastries are a rock-solid deal. You’ll find them at pretty much every Costco and they’re always a steal. A dozen of them for $6? I can barely get one croissant for that price at bakeries here in Los Angeles. The last time I was at Costco I saw a guy with ten packs of these in his cart. If I can’t convince you to buy them, let his faith in them sway you!

Kirkland Bagels (Plain, Everything, Sesame Seed, Cinnamon Raisin)

The Costco bakery’s price for a dozen bagels ($7.99) is a steal as is, especially considering that you can mix and match any bagels you’d like, but what they don’t advertise is that you can buy any variety by the box if you’d like! You apparently get 78 bagels (!!) for $30, which is an unreal deal, so if you have the freezer space and stomach to handle bagels in mega bulk, ask for a box at the bakery!

10″ White Cake Filled With Vanilla Cheesecake Mousse

The real hack is getting a cake from the Costco bakery for your friend’s birthday party or your colleague’s going-away party or your emergency, one-person “I need cake” party. You can order ahead or grab one right from the cooler for $15.99. Snag a pizza at the food court and you’re set for a hell of an evening. They have a chocolate version ready to go in the cooler, too, if that’s more your style!

Kirkland Double Nut, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chunk 24 Count Cookies

All three of these cookie varieties are available in single-flavor 24 packs at the Costco bakery, but I like the variety pack. It’s perfect for a potluck at the office or to add to the dessert table at a football watch party. If you’re not one to bake and want something easy to share with a group, this is the pick for you.

Kirkland Muffins (Coffeecake, Double Chocolate, Blueberry, Banana Chocolate Chip)

When you visit the Costco bakery, there’s always a muffin table there to tempt you and there’s always something new to try. You’ll almost always find their double chocolate and blueberry muffins there, but the rest seem to be on a rotation depending on the season. Grab a couple of variety packs and freeze what you can’t eat immediately.

Cookies N Cream Mini Cakes

Now we’ve reached the portion of this list with products I’ve recently spotted at the Costco bakery but may or may not be available in the long run. Basically, if you see any of these, grab them while you can! Case in point, these mini cakes are incredible. I would know; I bought a pack of six. I told myself I’d freeze a couple and slowly work my way through them. That didn’t happen. They’re just too good and this is coming from a cookies and cream snob. If you see these, you better pray I’m not there to snatch them from your cart.

Triple Chocolate Cream Pie

The Costco bakery typically has a few varieties of pie available, and I endorse and and all of them. They’re an unreal size, so get ready to feed an army with these behemoths! They have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, pecan for the holidays, and, currently, they have triple chocolate cream pie on the shelves for the new year and it looks good. Yes, this costs almost $20, but it weighs four pounds!

Biscoff Cream Cake

I haven’t even seen this one in the wilds of my local Costco bakery. Apparently it’s only available in Canada as of now. But I need it. I’m adding it to the list of things you should get from Costco’s bakery as a call to action. If you see this cake in the United States, alert me as soon as possible. I will fight for this cake. Cookie butter is a god tier flavor and I just know this cake has to be god tier.

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