Rhett & Link Taste Every Gatorade Flavor

Gatorade: the currency of my sixth-grade class, the drink of choice in emergency rooms, and the fluid that fills those giant coolers on football sidelines. Gatorade has been around for decades (since 1965) and, as such, the “deep down body thirst” quencher has had plenty of time to come up with flavors.

So much time, in fact, that there are roughly 40 Gatorade flavors currently on the market, and on a recent “Gut Check” episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link tried them all so we don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the four they electro-liked the most.

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Upon first sip, Link described this flavor as “classic” and mentioned that it brings him back to “recreation soccer.” Both Rhett & Link agreed that this one was really good (and very nostalgic) and summed it up by calling it “so classic” and “so quenching.” As for what it actually tastes like…lemon-lime, I guess?

Cool Blue

Link said that Gatorade Cool Blue is “like a melted icicle.” Sure, melted icicles are just water, but let’s not overthink it, shall we? Rhett “liked it okay,” but Link liked this one a lot. They pointed out that it has a tang similar to the Lemon-Lime, which is what “makes Gatorade really work.” In other words, without the tang, Gatorade is either too sweet or too watery. They were tempted to put this one on top due to its superior taste, but the nostalgia of Lemon-Lime pushed it over the edge into first.

Fierce Melon

Before they even tried this one, Rhett said, “That’s a horrible name.” Once he tried it, however, he liked it, saying, “That’s the most unique flavor so far.” Link agreed that it was a really nice melon flavor. As for what melon, they asked, “Is it a cantaloupe or a honeydew?” and concluded that they didn’t know and that the flavor is “just melons.” They found this one to be overall super pleasing. 

Fierce Grape

When Rhett was told this one was grape he did a bit of a double take and wondered aloud, “Wait, why’s it blue?” The guys concluded that it tastes like a “new grape,” i.e. less of an old-school artificial grape flavor. They were a bit thrown off by the non-purpleness of it all, but both of them liked the grape and agreed that it really packs a flavor punch.

Honorable mention: Lime-Cucumber had super authentic cucumber flavor, and since Rhett absolutely loved it he gave it a 100, but Link thought it was too bougie and only for racquetball players and snobby people. Stevie said this one is her favorite as well. Having tried it, the cucumber flavor is actually really accurate. If you are into this kind of thing, definitely give it a try!

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