Canned Food You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree

What Dollar Tree lacks in fresh food, it makes up for ten-fold in the canned food department. It’s their bread and butter (because they don’t actually have butter) and we’re here to thank them for the bountiful harvest they’ve given us. These are some of the best items I spotted in the Dollar Tree canned food aisle on a recent visit, so you can stock your pantry and stretch your budget.

Campbell’s SpaghettiOs & Meatballs

Sporked’s Jordan Myrick may have suffered through a taste test of the best canned pasta, but it was for our benefit. Fascinatingly enough, they discovered that SpaghettiOs & Meatballs are among the best options for a grown-up palate, and guess what I found at Dollar Tree…That’s right, grab a few cans and see for yourself if they taste as good as you remember.

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Herdez Salsa Verde

Although I couldn’t find Herdez avocado salsa at Dollar Tree (the Sporked crew’s favorite avocado salsa), I did find their salsa verde and salsa casera in a can. We like the brand, so I think it’s worth checking out—especially because it comes in a can, which makes it perf for camping, earthquake kits, and weird basement stockpiles of food. Grab some tortilla chips and find out what the post-apocalypse tastes like!

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Campbell’s Pork & Beans

I love pork and beans. The world should be eating more pork and beans. They’re delicious, filling, and a cheap way to get a buttload of protein into your diet. Did you know you can get 4.5 servings of pork and beans for $1.25 in the Dollar Tree canned food section? You do now!

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna

Speaking of protein, you’d be hard pressed to find a better source at Dollar Tree than Starkist tuna. For real—20g in 90 calories worth of tuna? Throw that in a quick tuna salad sandwich for a lunch that’ll fill you up and leave you satisfied.

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Green Giant Mixed Vegetables Blend

You can (and should) buy nearly any vegetable in a can that you could want at Dollar Tree for $1.25 a can. Think of this mixed vegetable blend as a way to get a lot of veggies in one convenient can (and still for just $1.25). This is a great and easy way to add some color to your dinner plate—and since the can is big, you might just have some left over for lunch the next day!

Goya Pinto Beans

It’s no surprise that there’s a plethora of Goya beans to be found at Dollar Tree, but one in particular stood out. Goya’s pinto beans are a fave here at Sporked, so if you pick up a can of these creamy, beany boys from the Dollar Tree canned food section, you know you know your next burrito bowl is going to be good as hell.

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Ruby Kist Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Contrary to popular belief, you can have cranberry sauce even when it isn’t Thanksgiving season—and you should! This stuff is so good! It’s like you’re eating candy you can pretend is healthy. It also tastes damn good on a turkey sandwich, so if you’re into sweet-savory combos, stock up the next time you’re at Dollar Tree.

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Libby’s Sliced Pineapple

Dollar Tree has a weirdly large selection of pineapples in a can. You can get slices, chunks, or tidbits. Their shelf organization system may be questionable, but I like that they give pineapple lovers options. Serve these with some cottage cheese or eat them right out of the can when you need a tropical treat that will only set you back about a buck.

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