All the Foods You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is one the hottest grocery stores on the internet right now. That’s right! In terms of TikTok buzz, Dollar Tree’s offerings are up there with Sprouts’ viral $5 sandwich and Erewhon’s Hailey Bieber smoothie. People have been shocked by what this discount store’s grocery section stocks.

TikTok accounts like @dollartreedinners are showing us how you can find almost anything and everything you need at Dollar Tree to make incredible meals and snacks. And while you can get lots of great groceries at Dollar Tree, these are the things I absolutely think you should be buying at Dollar Tree.

Brand Name Items

I love to recommend buying store brand goods to save money, but there’s no need at Dollar Tree. You can get brand name products here for the same price as store brand products at other stores. If the option is there, why not buy brand names? They have snacks like Sweet Tart Ropes, Hershey’s Miniatures, and Fuego Takis. Ingredients for dinners like Rotel and Del Monte French Style Green Beans. They even have full meals from brands you love like Celeste 4 Cheese Pizza for One, Jimmy Dean Sausage & Cheese English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches, and Banquet Mega Bowls Buffalo-Style Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese Frozen Dinner!

Baking Mixes

Dollar Tree has a ton of cheap and easy baking mixes. Whether you’re looking to make cake, biscuits, or a casserole, you can buy a mix for it at Dollar Tree. I found two of my favorites, Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix and Martha White Blueberry Muffin Mix, at my Dollar Tree. These mixes are great staples to keep in your cabinet and bake as needed. Plus, the additional ingredients they require are typically ones you either already have on hand or can get right there at Dollar Tree.


Dollar Tree has a great selection of all kinds of beverages. They have individual powdered drink packets, juice boxes, glass bottles of soda, and more. I would walk right past the drink section in most grocery stores, because premade beverages aren’t necessities and can be expensive. At Dollar Tree, I luxuriate in the beverage section.

Unusual Foods You Might Not Normally Buy

Planter’s Sea Salt & Vinegar Peanuts? Weird! Does peanut flavor go with salt and vinegar? I’m not sure. White Castle Sliders? Are they actually as good as they are at the restaurant? Are PhillySwirl SwirlStix Cotton Candy Ice Pops as good as I remember them being when I was a child? Lady Boba Brown Sugar Bubble Tea sounds good, but how does bubble tea from a can taste? These are all great things to try at Dollar Tree. The prices are so low that adding them to your haul isn’t that big of a risk. Stay away from experimenting at places like Whole Foods. Let Dollar Tree be your culinary laboratory!

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Jordan Myrick

Jordan is an L.A.-based writer and comedian who believes all food should come with extra sauce. When they're not writing for Sporked, Jordan is at the movies or sharing an order of french fries with their elderly chihuahua.

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  • Don’t want to help me wirh my system. Ann beau ien

  • Some of us are diabetics&cannot have items such as this ,it has to be sugar free ,low in salt intake such as that🙂

  • They also have deals on dried fruit

  • I have found that the bagels at Dollar Tree are some of the best grocery-store bagels you can get (and cheap!). They actually have a chewy bagel texture. They are made by Elie’s and are $1.25 for a 4 pack. Try them out

  • I’ve always told my kids “don’t buy anything at dollar stores that go in an electrical socket, or in/on your body”. LOL. But I may now give your suggestions a try.

  • Just wanted to say hey Jordan I watch every episode of GMM and have seen you a lot. Glad you joined the team. I just signed up for Sporked thanks for all the good tips.

  • One important factor that you didn’t cover. How many ozs. For the money? Not such a deal for the price. Same thing with the 99 stores. Even canned soups have changed. 15 ozs. Now 14.5. Canned cream soups now 10.3 ozs. And you missed this issue.

  • My favorites are Lemon curd, Stilton cheese and Port wine with it. Ginger biscuits.

  • Campbell’s Loaded potato 🥔 soup is delicious a chocolate chip cookies a bargain and Arizona green tea is amazing price $ for the size

  • Tell$ store,we want healthy foods 🥝🥑 thks & more vitamins etc