The Best Valentine’s Day Treats We Spotted at Costco

A buy-in-bulk store like Costco might not be everyone’s first stop for Valentine’s Day (hey, unless you’re having more success out there than I am), but it’s still worth a stop. I love a deal, after all. You can get a few things for your honey—and stash away some sweets for yourself in case things don’t work out and stress eating is your style. It’s truly a win-win. Here are a few Valentine’s Day goodies I spotted on my last trip to Costco.

Ferrero Rocher Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Candy (48 Count)

Ferrero Rocher may not be the god-tier treat that we used to think it was when we were growing up (why did I think they cost $20 each?), but this candy is still worth gifting to your sweet pea, especially if they’re into a chocolate-hazelnut combo. There are 48 of those iconic foil-wrapped balls in the damn box, so you could leave a trail of them from the front door to the bedroom, even if you live in a really enormous house.

Johnny Pops Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries Pops

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a Valentine’s Day staple, and these fruit bars are a fun, frozen twist on an iconic romanic dessert. Grab these if you’re in the Midwest (I found them when I was back home in Minnesota) for a refreshing take on a true classic.

Hamlet Crispy Belgian Chocolate Thins Milk Chocolate and Extra Strawberry

Crunch, chocolate, strawberry…these things have it all! Plus, they look like Pringles, so we assume your loved one will not be able to stop once they pop. The best part is that these come in a pack of four, so you can sneak one or two into the pantry for yourself.

Chocolate Covered Company LOVE Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries (12 count)

Okay, okay, if you want real-deal chocolate-covered strawberries for the romantic festivities of Valentine’s Day, Costco has your back on that (of course they do, they don’t miss). Save yourself the hassle of dipping your own strawberries and just pick up a 12-pack on your next trip.

Tipiak French Macarons Variety Pack

Baking macarons is a real pain in the ass. Gently placing a 36 pack of macarons into your cart at Costco is easy. It’s a fool-proof plan if you ask me. With six different varieties in one box, there’s enough to please even the pickiest Valentine.

Marie Morin Crème Brûlée

These little crème brûlées would be perfect for anyone who wants to cut some corners but still pass something off as their own. And, wow, if you whip out a torch to caramelize the top in front of your significant other? They’ll melt in your arms right alongside the sugar!

Creative Snacks Co. Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels

These are chocolate-covered-strawberries adjacent, but they’re still unique enough to have their own place on the list. Any good list of Valentine’s Day treats needs a bright pink food, after all. The best part? You’ll have plenty of leftovers, because who’s eating almost two pounds of these in one day??

Bouchard Mint Chocolate Thins

Strawberries get a lot of play during the month of February, but these mint-chocolate thins are a perfect alternative if your SO doesn’t go for berries. Or they just really love mint. Or they just want to enjoy what they want to enjoy without any justification. This minty goodness is for them.

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