French’s Mustard Skittles: Gimmick or Actually Good?

The internet has been freaking out over the unexpected collaboration between two well-known brands: French’s and Skittles. That’s right. A condiment brand teamed up with a candy brand to make limited-edition yellow mustard Skittles.

Since we heard about this unexpected partnership, we’ve been as curious as everyone else: Are these French’s mustard Skittles just a gimmick or are they actually good? We tried them and we’re here to tell you the truth about this condiment-flavored candy.

mustard skittles review

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French’s Mustard Skittles

I am a huge mustard fan, so I feel like I’m the exact target demographic for this candy. Plus, the sweet and salty flavor combination is iconic. Sadly, I don’t think this candy is iconic. First of all, the texture is off. These Skittles are waxier and harder than normal Skittles. Next is the taste. Weirdly, these do not taste like yellow mustard at all. They taste like a combination of honey mustard and spicy brown mustard or Chinese hot mustard.

I don’t really understand why anyone would buy these, so I guess it makes sense that you can’t. They’re only available at a few pop-up events on the East Coast. They get points for creativity, though!




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