Best Yellow Mustard: Yello, There! It’s the 6 Best Yellow Mustards

If you follow Sporked on social media, you know that I love mustard. I set the internet ablaze when I confessed that I have a spoonful of mustard to perk me up instead of coffee. You might’ve even seen me make people in the Mythical office try my mustard hack.

I put my own non-traditional mustard opinions aside in order to try some of the most popular and widely available yellow mustards on the market and figure out which deserve a spot in your fridge door. Here are six I think you should be squirting onto your sandwiches (and, quite frankly, into your mouth).

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Best of the Best

Kroger Yellow Mustard

If you can believe it, Kroger beat out every single fancy yellow mustard we tried. It won because it is easily the most mustardy mustard of the bunch. It’s extremely tart, sharp, and zingy. It has such pure unadulterated tangy mustard flavor, which is exactly what I want when I’m having yellow mustard. I want to squirt this onto a turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread so the mustard flavor can be the star.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




Best Classic

Heinz Yellow Mustard

When I think of yellow mustard, I think of French’s yellow mustard. In my mind, French’s makes mustard and Heinz makes ketchup. But I am here to tell you that Heinz also makes mustard. Very, very good mustard. Mustard that is even…better than French’s?! I was just as shocked as you are. I have always bought French’s. Now, I’ll be switching it up. Ultimately, Heinz mustard is smoother and more flavorful. I’m sorry, French’s! Heinz is the way to go.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Target




Best Mild

Sprouts Organic Creamy Yellow Mustard

Sprouts Organic Creamy Yellow Mustard is for all the mild flavored mustard lovers out there. Whether you’re a yellow mustard novice or a straight-up supertaster who gets easily overwhelmed by flavor, this lighter version of yellow mustard is for you. It’s really easy on the palate, fresh, and you can taste a hint of turmeric. It’s a great mustard at a great price point, so toss it into your shopping cart ASAP!

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




Best for a Pretzel

Trader Joe’s Organic Yellow Mustard

The minute the Trader Joe’s Organic Yellow Mustard hit my lips, I was reminded of a giant soft pretzel topped with big chunks of rock salt. I wish I could tell you why, but that’s just what happened! What I can tell you are some things I liked about this mustard. There are flecks of black pepper throughout it, which I love. Seeing actual pieces of black pepper in anything means it was freshly cracked and makes me feel like I’m getting a superior product. It’s a little grainier than some of the other mustards, like it was maybe ground with a mortar and pestle. Plus, this is another great, affordable option.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Trader Joe’s




Best Fancy

Sir Kensington Yellow Mustard

Sir Kensington claims their mustard has “an award-winning taste” and, to be honest, I believe it! It tastes delicious. It’s very tangy, mustard-forward, and tasty. Plus, we liked a lot of the practical factors of this Sir Kensington mustard. The bottle is made from recycled plastic. The label clearly lists every ingredient instead of just saying “spices” like other mustards, which is awesome for people who have food allergies. Sir Kensington is making mustard that is yummy and thoughtful.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Walmart




Best Fancy Runner-Up

Boar’s Head Yellow Mustard

This Boar’s Head Yellow Mustard is very fancy. It’s made with pink Himalayan salt. It has one of the more complex flavors out of all the mustards we tasted. It almost has hints of horseradish. Because of the interesting taste, I think this would be great on a sausage. Not a hot dog. A sausage. A fancy, artisanal sausage covered in caramelized onions that costs $17 at a cool, hip brewery.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Pavillions




Other Products We Tried: French’s Yellow Mustard, Annie’s Organic Yellow Mustard, Burman’s Classic Yellow Mustard, Market Pantry, O Organics Yellow Mustard, Simple Truth Organic Yellow Mustard

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