4 Best Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Finding gluten free frozen meals is like a frozen aisle scavenger hunt. You know how there’s a dedicated section in your grocer’s freezer for vegetarian frozen stuff? The GF version of that doesn’t exist yet (at least that I’m aware of). So to find the best gluten free frozen meals, you have to figure out which frozen meals are gluten free first. Most have the little GF symbol on the front of the box, but others don’t. Some are made by brands you expect to have gluten free offerings (like Amy’s), but others are just incidentally gluten free. Anyway, we hope this list of the best gluten free frozen dinners saves you some time. 

We did a little advanced research and then shopped for a curated selection of frozen gluten free meals that are available at most grocery stores and actually sounded like they’d taste good. We tried a lot of duds, but we found some good ones, too. This list isn’t exhaustive, obviously, but these are some of the best gluten free frozen meals to have on hand when you don’t have the will to cook.

best gluten free lean cuisine

Best Lean Cuisine

Lean Cuisine Chicken in Sweet BBQ Sauce

I’m an absolute freak for Lean Cuisine mashed potatoes. I love them. They’re so creamy and satisfying. Like, what a gift that even if you can’t eat gluten, you can still eat mashed potatoes! According to Nestlé’s website, Lean Cuisine only makes four frozen gluten free meals, and two of them come with mashed potatoes. We couldn’t find the Buffalo chicken version of this BBQ chicken meal, but we assume the vibe is similar. What you get are tasty bits of white meat chicken in sauce and a side of mashed potatoes speckled with chives. A vegetable would be great, but I truly think this is good for what it is. The chicken is surprisingly good quality (not rubbery or weird) and the sauce is sweet but also peppery and savory. And, I repeat: MASHED POTATOES. It’s a small but satisfying gluten free frozen meal that also packs a lot of protein. 

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best gluten free frozen dinners

Best Mexican Inspired

Amy’s Cheese Enchilada Dinner

I cooked this gluten free frozen dinner wrong because I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the heat to medium on our office microwave, but I liked it all the same. The enchiladas come with a side of beans and a side of corn, and it’s so nice that it’s a full meal. The black beans are coated in a sauce that is tomatoey and a little smoky, but not quite chipotle-level smoky—my guess would be a little chili powder, some cumin, and tomato paste. The corn kernels are actually firm and a little bit sweet (I’ve tasted some really flavorless corn in these gluten free frozen dinners). The enchilada sauce is zesty and the cheese is chewy and melty and satisfying. It’s definitely an oily affair, but tasty and fun all the same. This is one of the best gluten free frozen meals if you have a sudden craving for cheap, fast Mexican food. 

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best gf pot pie

Best Pot Pie

Blake’s Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

We tasted this gluten free frozen meal during our best frozen chicken pot pie taste test and it blew a bunch of non-GF pot pies out of the water. That’s really saying something given that pot pies are so dependent on a good crust. Blake’s crust—made with white rice, brown rice, potato starch, tapioca starch—is light and crispy, and the filling is super aromatic and flavorful. The gravy in this pot pie filling is some of the best you’ll find in the frozen aisle. This is one of the best frozen gluten free meals when you’re in the mood for true comfort food. Blake’s also makes a gluten-free shepherd’s pie that we liked but didn’t love because it was a little bit dry, but if you’re in the mood for ground beef and mashed potatoes, you could certainly do worse. 

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best gluten free frozen meal

Best of the Best

Amy’s Bowls Broccoli & Cheddar Bake

Even though I had to taste test more than a dozen gluten free frozen meals, I couldn’t stop taking bites of this GF broccoli and cheese pasta bowl from Amy’s. It’s so cheesy and creamy and delicious. Even in the microwave, the breadcrumb topping gets a little crispy. I cooked this for five minutes and it got an incredible burnt cheese rim that tastes like Cheez-Its. This is so hearty and satisfying, although I wouldn’t mind a little more broccoli. The best part is that the gluten-free pasta absolutely rules. I would never ever know it was GF if the box didn’t say so! This is not a healthy gluten free frozen meal—it has 21 grams of fat—but it’s the best gluten free frozen meal if you’re in the mood to splurge. I would probably eat this every day if I were a GF bachelor or bachelorette who just needed a quick GF meal. Amy’s also makes a vegan version that’s totally serviceable if you don’t do dairy.

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Other products we tried: Blake’s Shepherd’s Pie, Evol Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese, Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna, Smart Ones Turkey & Mashed Potatoes, Caesar’s Kitchen Manicotti, Tattooed Chef Spicy Thai Bowl, Amy’s Pad Thai, Cedar Lane Chicken Fajita Bowl, Amy’s Vegan Broccoli & Cheez bake, Tattooed Chef Cauliflower Pizza Bowl, Healthy Choice Marinara Chicken Bowl

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