6 Best Grandad Snacks to Fuel Your Next Game of Catch the Fish with Grandad

If you’re a fan of Good Mythical Morning, you’re probably familiar with one of their most popular games, Catch the Fish with Grandad! If you’re looking to catch the fish with your own grandad at home, we’ve provided you with a list of the best grandpa snacks you can buy at the grocery store.

If you have absolutely no clue what we’re talking about, no worries! Just buy these snacks below. Whether you’re enjoying them with your grandpa or not, they’re really tasty.

Banquet Turkey Pot Pie

Banquet Turkey Pot Pie is one of our favorite frozen pot pies. It’s salty and creamy and meaty. This pot pie will take your grandad back to his childhood while creating new, delicious memories for both of you while you watch GMM. Just don’t spill pot pie filling on your laptop!

O Organics 100% Tomato Juice

We have decided, as a culture, that tomato juice has three purposes: to be consumed on an airplane, to be used in Bloody Marys, and for the breakfast of people over the age of seventy. I don’t know why we keep it reserved for those three things. Tomato juice is good! O Organics has the best tomato juice and we don’t think it should be reserved exclusively for airplanes, cocktails, and the elderly.

Great Value Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce

Tinned fish is very in right now. Cheap tinned fish from Walmart is not. We think it should be, though! These extremely affordable Great Value sardines packed in Louisiana hot sauce are some of the best sardines we tried in our sardine taste test. You’ve probably seen your grandpa eat a sardine sandwich and we suggest you do the same with these.

Boar’s Head Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is obviously enjoyed by everyone, but it feels very grandpa-y. My grandad loved anything pickled or fermented and I’m assuming yours does too (or did, RIP). Buy the best sauerkraut to have the best tangy grandad snack.

Baken-Ets Traditional

A lot of people don’t eat pork rinds, but grandads certainly do! Baken-Ets Traditional Pork Rinds are top tier. Buy the best pork rinds if you’re looking to feel like grandad or impress your father’s father with a meaty snack.

Hormel Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash

Last, but certainly not least, is the grandad-iest of grandad snacks out there: Canned Corned Beef Hash. Ask your grandad to explain what corned beef hash is while you two enjoy a can of the best corned beef hash.

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