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Grocery store sushi used to be a recipe for disaster—kinda like gas station sushi still is. But these days, you can get some decent stuff from the same place you stock up on paper towels and Kraft Singles. Of course, Whole Foods sushi is well known, but there’s also Kroger sushi, Albertsons sushi—heck, even Aldi sushi is a thing (it’s in the frozen section, of all places). But what’s the best grocery store sushi? We took our fate into our hands and ordered up a slew of rolls from grocery stores with lots of nationwide locations to find out. 

Now, before you comment, yes, I realize that my Whole Foods sushi probably isn’t going to be exactly the same as your Whole Foods sushi. Let’s accept that as a reality and move along. 

So, how did we go about determining the best supermarket sushi? I ordered a sampling from each grocery store. I tried to get a spicy tuna roll and a veggie roll from each spot—and I sprang for a combo when I could find it. I looked for the quality of the rice (you don’t want mush, but you also don’t want stale, crusty grains), the quality of the fish (definitely should taste fresh), the crunch of the vegetables if applicable, and I even sampled the soy sauce, the ginger, and the wasabi (you’d be surprised at the range in quality). 

Because we didn’t sample every single item each grocery store sushi section had to offer, this isn’t a definitive ranking, but it is a good guide. Here’s our ranking of the best grocery store sushi, from nothing special to pretty darn good.

Kroger Sushi

Kroger Sushi!


Kroger sushi is Ralphs sushi in our neck of the woods, and it’s sold under the brand AFC (Advanced Fresh Concepts). We snagged a spicy tuna roll, a vegetable combo (avocado, carrot, cucumber), and a Chefs Sampler A (rainbow roll, avocado-topped California roll, and crunchy-topped California roll). Let’s just say, if you like sushi because you like to eat rice, then maybe this is the best supermarket sushi for you. There was so much rice! And no soy sauce! The flavor of the tuna is okay—but you can barely taste it due to the onslaught of rice. The veggie roll included fresh avocado, which saved it from being completely bland and, once again, mostly rice. And the combo platter featured fish that wasn’t the freshest, along with a bland California roll whose crunchy topping had gone soft. The wasabi was oddly bitter. The ginger was fine. With Kroger taking over grocery stores across the country, I hope they step up the Kroger sushi program.

Credit: Liv Averett / Kroger




Albertsons Sushi

Albertsons Sushi!


Our local Albertsons outpost is actually a Vons. But that’s where we were able to find Albertsons’ Ace sushi. We got a vegetable roll and a spicy tuna roll. And neither were particularly impressive. But before we get into the rolls, let’s talk condiments. Again, I didn’t get soy sauce with either roll! Outrageous! The wasabi was bland and not spicy. But the ginger was crisp. Okay, onto the sushi. It’s fine, but it’s definitely nowhere near the best grocery store sushi. Both rolls tasted a little bit old—like they’d been sitting in the refrigerator for too long. The veggie roll was bland. And the spicy tuna didn’t taste the freshest, though the zig-zag of spicy sauce over the top was actually spicy. If you’re really craving sushi and only Albertsons is open, stick with the veggie roll (they even have a spicy veggie if you need that kick) and bring your own soy sauce.

Credit: Liv Averett / Albertsons




Aldi Sushi

Aldi Sushi!


Have you ever been curious about Aldi frozen sushi? I stare at it, intrigued, every time I drop into my local Aldi. So, I was psyched (and a little afraid) to finally get the chance to try it for this taste test. We grabbed the Fusia Shrimp & Avocado Roll and the Fusia California Roll. According to the packaging, you aren’t supposed to let them thaw in the fridge. You can leave them to thaw at room temperature for a couple of hours or you can microwave them for 20 seconds. Yes, microwave. And, because I’m impatient, that’s what I did. The big reveal? I like Aldi sushi—especially the California roll. The mayo-laced crab is tangy, the rice is tender, the avocado is creamy. And it’s honestly pretty good a little warm! The shrimp roll isn’t quite as good—it’s too tangy and mayo-y. Aldi frozen sushi is way better than you’d expect. It’s not the best grocery store sushi but it’s perfectly acceptable. And I’d eat some right now if it was put in front of me.

Credit: Liv Averett / Aldi




Costco Sushi

Costco Sushi!


Our local Costco does not yet have a sushi bar, like some other Costco locations now do, so the Costco sushi we tried was the Snowfox California Deluxe (sesame seed-coated California rolls) and the Snowfox California Crunch Deluxe (California rolls topped with crunchy onions). Like most Costco products, you get a lot. And, like most Costco products, it’s pretty good! Not the best grocery store sushi, but good enough to buy for a party. The basic California roll is a bit bland, but the sesame seeds add crunch. It needs a drizzle of soy sauce (the packet that thankfully comes with the sushi is decent). But the California Crunch roll is really where it’s at. While the crunchy onion topping isn’t actually crunchy, it does add really delicious sweet onion flavor. And there is a little baggie of extra onions that are actually crunchy, so you can sprinkle those on top for texture. If you hate onions, you’ll hate this. But if you’re into the onion topping on a green bean casserole, this could be the best grocery store sushi for you.

Credit: Liv Averett / Costco




Walmart Sushi

Walmart Sushi!


I’m as surprised as you are to see Walmart sushi this high up on the list, but the Moji California roll and spicy crab roll were both pretty good. They’re clearly made by a robot—they’re very, very round and precisely crafted. But the squat tubes of crab salad have a pleasant mayo-y flavor. The California roll was the definite winner with its crunchy sesame seed coating and creamy filling. The spicy crab roll was, unfortunately, not spicy at all. It had a bit of a red pepper flavor, but that’s it. The soy sauce that came with the Walmart sushi was probably the best grocery store sushi soy sauce of the day. It’s rich and dark. And the wasabi tastes a bit salty, but it’s spicy enough. If you’re a California roll stan, this store bought sushi will scratch an itch.

Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart




Sprouts Sushi

Sprouts Sushi!


Sprouts sushi was a bit hit or miss, but the Hissho brand spicy tuna roll was one of the best grocery store sushi versions of the classic roll that we tried. The fish tasted like it was a decent quality. It was actually spicy. And it included crunchy, cooling cucumber. A good roll, all in all. The California roll was huge and it didn’t have any mayo, which is a plus for some folks. The veggie roll was a bit of a mess, though the carrots in particular were crunchy and the rice had a good, vinegary flavor. There was no soy sauce and the wasabi was flavorless (though very spicy), but the ginger was quite good—fresh and crunchy.

Credit: Liv Averett / Sprouts




Whole Foods Sushi

Whole Foods Sushi!

Whole Foods

Yeah, yeah, it’s predictable. But Whole Foods sushi (Kikka brand) really is the best grocery store sushi. It’s worth an extra buck or two. The veggie roll included brown rice, super crunchy carrots, and creamy avocado. It’s a fresh, wholesome, filling lunch. The spicy tuna roll is not spicy at all, but the fish has a good flavor, the pieces are massive, and the wasabi that comes with it is extremely spicy, so you can just add that for heat. We also tried the Pacific Combo, which came with a rainbow roll and a few pieces of nigiri. The fish was all fresh and clean tasting, with a firm texture. And the rice tasted good too—it had just the right amount of vinegar tang. If you have been buying Whole Foods sushi this whole time, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re eating the best supermarket sushi. And if you’ve been reluctant to purchase it because you thought, perhaps, there was a better grocery store sushi out there, I’m sorry, but Whole Foods is killing it when it comes to store bought sushi. (I do think you should try that frozen Aldi sushi, though, because I can’t be the only one!)

Credit: Liv Averett / Whole Foods




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  • Too bad Hy-Vee is a midwest regional chain. Their sushi is pretty decent and they also do poke bowls!

  • If only you were near a Market Basket! Best grocery store sushi ever

  • If HEB was included, it’d be #1! So good and very fresh!

  • Krogers around me use Snowfox as their supplier which is vastly inferior to AFC/Tsunami in terms of quality and taste.

    Publix uses AFC/Tsunami as well and they’re leagues above the rolls I’ve had at Kroger.

    Whole foods does have great sushi though, and Wegmans. Haven’t seen sushi at Walmarts or Aldi’s near me.

  • Feeling so validated about my Whole Foods sushi obsession. Thanks fam 🙏

  • If you’re ever in Texas, HEB sushi is amazing!

  • IMO wegmans has the best grocery store sushi. The only con is the price. I love watching the sushi chefs at work at wegmans

  • It’s absolutely insane that you ranked Walmart #3. But, you also ranked frozen/microwaved sushi #5, so now I just don’t trust your palate at all. I mean… Is this a parody site?