The Best Heat-and-Pour Gravy, According to Trevor Evarts

Welcome to Mythical Kitchen Picks, the series in which the culinary experts from Mythical Kitchen tell you all about their favorite foods and ingredients. Since Thanksgiving (aka the biggest grocery store-centric holiday of the year) is just around the corner, we asked the Mythical Kitchen team for their top time-saving products for prepping Thanksgiving dinner. Today, Trevor Evarts reveals the best pre-made Thanksgiving staple you should be buying from Trader Joe’s. You’re already there for the frozen apps, so go ahead and add this to your shopping list. 

Trevor’s Thanksgiving Picks: Trader Joe’s Turkey Gravy

Joe. Trader Joe. How kind he is to us; offering delicious treats in all shapes and sizes, in every season, for every occasion. For Thanksgiving time, one of Trader Joe’s finest gifts to us is his turkey gravy. Many people have the things they like to make on Thanksgiving, and the things they’re comfortable cutting corners on. I believe gravy is one of these things—oft left to a jar or powdered mix. If you also like to cut corners on gravy, then look no further than Trader Joe’s for the best premade gravy. TJ’s ready-to-heat-and-pour gravy is rich, creamy, and flavorful. Straight from the carton to the gravy boat, it is a wonderful option so you can skip figuring out what a “roux” is. It also makes for a beautiful canvas on which you can imprint your own flavors and spices, if you so wish. Nobody has time to cook EVERYTHING on Thanksgiving, so this year, when you’re inevitably cutting corners, look to Trader Joe in your time of gravy need.

Check it out at Trader Joe’s

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