Best Keto Bagels, According to a New York City Bagel Snob

Keto bagels don’t have to be crumbly rings of nothing. And they don’t have to be straight-up omelets with a hole in them, either. As I found out from this keto bagel taste test, they can taste like real, actual bagels! Further proof that science can do amazing things.

I am an ex-New Yorkers. And while my bagel snobbery makes me an extremely annoying person to brunch with outside of NYC, it’s why you can trust my opinion on the best keto bagel. Here’s what I was looking for while tasting through keto friendly, low carb bagels:

  • Good chew. Bagels are not bread. They need to have a very specific, chewy texture. They should never be crumbly.
  • Actual flavor. Diet-friendly breads and bagels are often bland at best and often taste like plastic. A good keto bagel should taste savory or sweet, depending on the flavor, with an underlying toasty dough flavor.
  • Toastability. Bagels should be toasted. They should get a nice crust on the outside while remaining chewy on the inside. I tasted each keto bagel both untoasted and toasted in order to assess each one’s toastability.

I tasted eight different keto-friendly bagels and five hit all of my, again, extremely annoying bagel snob requirements. Here are the best keto bagels you can buy. 

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best keto bagels

Best Blueberry

Sola Blu-berry

You need to toast Sola keto bagels. They’re a bit too eggy eaten cold. But once toasted, they have that great balance of chew and crust. The blueberry version balances sweet bursts of blueberries with a slightly salty bagel. It’s a different take on the blueberry bagel, but as a blueberry bagel lover, I was pretty pleased. 

Credit: Merc / Sola




best keto bagel

Best Sweet Treat

Sola Sweet and Buttery

I loved that Sola did their own thing and created a new flavor for their line of keto bagels. There are little pockets of sweetness in this brioche-y bagel. The texture, after toasting, is soft and chewy. It’s very cozy. I’d have this with butter sprinkled with some cinnamon.

Credit: Merc / Sola




best keto bagel

Best Plain

Better Bagel Plain

Better Bagel keto bagels are HUGE. They are gigantic like a real NYC bagel deli bagel (told you I was insufferable). They’re fluffy, as well, so you can even enjoy them untoasted—although they are better toasted, for sure. The plain Better Bagel is a little sweet and a little doughy. And the texture is lighter than some of the others on this list—almost like angel food cake. Get some cream cheese on here and eat up. 

Credit: Merc / DoorDash




best keto everything bagel

Best Everything

unBagel Everything

The unBagel is not only a keto-friendly bagel, it’s also a gluten-free bagel. And while its texture sufferers a bit from the lack of gluten (it’s quite airy), the flavor more than makes up for it. It’s salty and covered in tons of everything seasoning. You don’t need cream cheese or even butter to enjoy this ultra-flavorful keto bagel. 

Credit: Merc / Walmart




best everything keto bagel

Best of the Best

Better Bagel Everything

Another big boy from Better Bagel came in on top for me as the best keto bagel. The inside has such a great stretch—just like a fresh bagel. And that put it over the edge for me. I would have no problem serving this to both keto folks and non-keto people. I think it’d be great with butter or cream cheese—and a few slices of smoked salmon wouldn’t hurt either. Take it from me, that irksome NYC expat who won’t shut up about how the only good bagels are in New York.  

Credit: Merc / Instacart




Other keto bagels we tried: Carbonaut Gluten Free Plain, Carbonaut Garlic Herb, Sola Everything

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