Sporked Awards: Best Kid Food We Tasted in 2022

What is “kid food”? Here at Sporked, we categorize it as any food that you would traditionally see on a kids’ menu at a restaurant and/or foods that are specifically marketed to children. For example, anything that comes in nugget or tender form, cereals featuring animals on the box, or handheld bites for tiny hands. That being said, we’re firm believers that kids can eat anything adults can. Editor-in-chief Justine Sterling’s son loves oysters and my favorite childhood food was the spiciest salsa our local Mexican restaurant had to offer.

However, if your child (or you for that matter) prefers food geared specifically to children, these are the best we tried all year. Grab the ketchup!

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Simply Nature Broccoli Bites

Aldi’s Simply Nature Broccoli bites are the perfect combination of tasty, fun, and nutritious. Danny Palumbo led a taste test of the best Aldi appetizers and these were at the top of his list. He described them as “super creamy” nuggets with an “outside [that] is crispy and [an] inside that…melts in your mouth.” If you’re looking to sneak more veggies into the diet of anyone who hates vegetables, snag a box of these the next time you’re at Aldi. I promise that everyone in your family will love them (especially if you dip them in ranch).

Credit: Liv Averett/Aldi





Fast Fixin’ Chicken Breast Nuggets

If you’re looking to cook up nuggets at home, Fast Fixin’ is the frozen chicken nugget (so obviously they ranked #1 in our frozen chicken nugget taste test). These turned my dark meat-loving self into a chicken breast fan and I thought that would never happen. These nuggets are mild enough for even the most flavor-hating child’s palate and yet flavorful enough for the adult in their household who will end up eating the leftover nuggets off their plate while standing over the sink. These would be perfect dunked into BBQ sauce, honey mustard, or, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, nothing at all. These are the perfect chicken nuggets.

Credit: Liv Averett/Instacart




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