The Best Matzo for Passover or Anytime

The best matzo is crunchy, light, and, to be honest, pleasantly bland. At least that’s what I think of when I think of matzo. I tasted eight different matzo brands to find the best-tasting matzo you can buy. 

First, let me say that I am not Jewish so I don’t eat matzo often. It was a special treat reserved for when I was invited over to friends’ houses for Passover. So, since I am not an expert, I talked to someone who is! Josh Scherer, Mythical Kitchen overlord, food expert, and Jewish person, gave me his thoughts on what makes good matzo: “The ceiling for matzoh is relatively low, because no one has updated the recipe since Moses fled for the desert about 3,500 years ago. That said, a good matzoh should have a shattering crunch, with enough density to be able to hold all the charoset [a fruit and nut spread eaten during Passover Seder] and maror [bitter herbs] you could scoop on there. The main factor I look for, though, are slightly burnt edges. There’s only so much flavor you can coax from two ingredients [flour and water], so that little bit of burn goes a long way.”

Using those words from Josh as guidance, I set out and tried every brand of store-bought matzo I could find. The ones below were our favorites and, in my opinion, the best matzo on the market.

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Best of the Best

Yehuda Gluten-Free Matzo-Style Squares

Imported all the way from Israel, Yehuda Gluten-Free Matzo-Style Squares is not just the best gluten-free matzo, but it’s easily the best matzo I’ve ever tasted. The squares are lightly salted and have a wonderful crispness. They’re also, unlike many other matzos on the market, kosher for Passover. If you’re looking for delicious matzo that’s good for everyone and every occasion, grab a box of Yehuda!

Credit: Liv Averett / Ralphs




Best Onion

Streit’s Egg & Onion Matzos

Until this taste test, I had only ever had plain matzo. When I tasted egg and onion matzo, my eyes shot open like in that scene in Requiem for a Dream. It’s so flavorful and delicious! And Streit’s Egg & Onion Matzos is the best matzo out there for onion lovers. The egg adds a nice rich flavor and the crunch is phenomenal. People in the office were eager to take this box of matzos home. That’s how good it is!

Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon




Best Flavored Gluten-Free

Yehuda Gluten-Free Toasted Onion Matzo-Style Squares

While their original flavor of matzo took our top spot as the best matzo on the market, Yehuda’s Gluten-Free Toasted Onion Matzo-Style Squares are also absolutely incredible. They are super onion-y, but a little less rich in taste than Streit’s Egg & Onion. Again, these are imported from Israel and kosher for Passover. It feels like a huge win for Passover observers everywhere that the best matzo on the market can be served at your seder!

Credit: Liv Averett / Vons




Most Nostalgic

Manischewitz Matzos

Manischewitz Matzos taste like what I think of when I think of matzo. It’s crunchy, toasty, and deliciously plain. Madi Price, our producer/editor, said this matzo “tastes like childhood.” This was also the sturdiest matzo we tried. Its structural integrity and plainness would be excellent for making dishes like matzo brei or chocolate toffee-covered matzo. If you’re looking for good, standard matzo that’s versatile and easy to find, Manischewitz is for you!

Credit: Liv Averett / Target




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