Sporked Awards: Best Pantry Staple We Tasted in 2022

It’s best to keep your pantry stocked, I say. Especially after living through a global pandemic, there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing you’ve got a cupboard full of cans, boxes, and bags of delicious food. Quality, flavorful, shelf-stable foods are a damn gift, and some of my absolute favorite foods are pantry items (see: sardines, salmon, tuna, beans, and pasta). Having a properly stocked pantry is a sign of growth, adulthood, and foresight. When you need a quick meal or it’s late at night, having a well stocked cupboard means you’re never left high and dry. These two products are the best pantry staples we tried this year.

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Nuri Sardines

Everyone should be buying Nuri sardines, which came out on top in our canned sardine taste test. These savory Portuguese sardines are nestled tightly into a can of buttery, rich, and potent olive oil. This is a snack fit for royalty. Nuri sardines are pure opulence and they’re not at all fishy. Put them on a cracker, buttered bread, or eat them plain, it doesn’t matter. Nuri sardines are the best sardines and the best pantry item we ate in 2022 because they are rich, nutritious, delicious and ready to eat at a moment’s notice. That’s gold, in my opinion.

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New York Bakery Texas Toast Caesar Croutons

If you ask us, croutons are one of the most underrated pantry items. Eat them straight from the box for a light, crunchy snack, throw them on a salad to add instant sustenance, or, heck, put them in soup. New York Texas Toast Caesar Croutons are buttery, garlicky, seasoned, herby, and downright delicious. As managing editor Gwynedd Stuart stated, they’re crunchy without completely destroying your teeth, either. Keeping these Texas toast croutons in your cupboard means that you’ve always got a delicious snack on hand, and a quick way to enhance salads and soups. Croutons are just hugely undervalued, but not by us.

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The 2022 Sporked Awards

We ate our way through hundreds of products this year to find the best. Now it’s time to honor the best of the best.

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