These Are the Best Snacks to Pair with Every Genre of Movie

I’ve already explained why I eat crunchy snacks when I’m watching horror movies—but horror is not the only movie genre that calls for snacking. And when it comes to pairing snacks with movies, we’ve been doin’ it wrong. ALL wrong. Eating a burrito during a comedy? Drinking a shake during a sci-fi film?? In my opinion, each movie genre has a snack soulmate. Below you’ll find a guide, if you will, to planning the perfect menu for movie night.

best movie snacks

Sweet, cheesy movies call for sugar, sugar, and more sugar! No, I won’t be sneaking spaghetti into the movie theater to try and recreate that scene in Lady and the Tramp. Instead, I’ll be eating heaps of licorice wheels and chocolate bits. Let’s be real, if I’m watching a romcom, first of all, that’s not me, that is a clone. And second of all, that clone is probably sad and trying to get over a breakup. When I’m sad, I usually don’t have much of an appetite; however, I always seem to make an exception for sweets. It’s like when you’re full but you still have room for dessert. Sugar finds a way, just like love.

best movie snacks

Rule number one: No one should be eating solids during a funny movie unless they’re trying to choke on their popcorn. Instead, I’ll gladly consume some liquids, but well-contained liquids, so there is no ROFLing in spilled hot tea. Ideal comedy beverages include smoothies, slushies, sodas, and iced teas. Anything I can get my hands on that is liquid and sweet is fair game (unless it’s sweetened with sucralose, then I don’t believe in it).

best movie snacks

Popcorn is the appropriate snack for a sci-fi movie. Here, I need a snack that’s going to keep me company in the vast, silent chasm of space. Something to fill the space, so to speak, so I’m not all alone, floating along with the ship. I’ll also eat other snacks in a sci-fi movie, as long as there are a lot of them that can be consumed over a long period of time. This could include: tiny Slim Jims, Cheetos Puffs, and maybe some Cheez-Its if I’m watching Alien.

best movie snacks

This movie night needs to be dramatic, which makes me think of a charcuterie board. When I want to watch a grown-up movie, I reach for a grown-up snack—cheese and crackers! A cheese, meat, and cracker plate pairs well with a psychological thriller, like The Game. The variety on the plate means my next snack choice is as much a mystery as who Michael Douglas can trust.

best movie snacks

Learning for fun makes me think of being in school. And being in school makes me think of home-packed lunches and snacks. A good studious snack that takes me back to childhood is a PB&J. It’s a comforting one-and-done snack that is flavorful, but won’t pull my attention away from the doc. It is of the utmost importance that I concentrate on how this train of hermit crabs will make it into the right shells. 

best movie snacks

During an action flick, I want to see people getting their butts kicked just as much as I want to be kicked in the mouth with flavor—particularly ~spice~. What spicy snacks and action movies have in common is their ability to keep you on your toes. There shall be no resting while watching Die Hard OR while eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The fire and explosions in the movie pair well with the explosive flavor and heat generated by my snacks. The guy diffusing the bomb is sweating, and I’m sweating right along with him. It’s a fully immersive, 4D experience.

crunch snacks during horror movies

Why I Eat Crunchy Snacks During Horror Movies

Crunchy snacks are my go-to food when watching a horror movie. I’m sure James Wan, director of the 2010 scare fest Insidious, can agree that a well-placed crackle is the secret to a good, suspenseful scare.

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