High Protein Snacks: The Best Snacks That Are High in Protein

Protein. The big, jumbled-up molecules that make gym bros swoon and burritos legendary. But whether you are trying to get those gains or simply make it to the next meal without getting too hungry, we gotchu covered with this list of the best snacks that are high in protein. So quit being a dumbbell, because we can’t weight for you to pick up these high protein snacks and give them a try.

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GoMacro Sunny Uplift (Cherries + Berries) Vegan Protein Bar

What?!? Vegans need protein bars too?!?? You bet your plant-based butt they do. And these vegan protein bars from GoMacro will certainly help you “go” and get those “macros,” but they also happen to taste great. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart described this bar as “bursting with berry flavor,” and said that it’s “full of chewy dried cherries that give it a nice tart flavor.” Plus, it has a nice granola texture instead of that clay-like protein bar situation that sometimes happens.

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If you aren’t vegan, that’s okay too! You probably also need protein to survive. And while you might enjoy the vegan protein bar I just mentioned, you may also enjoy this protein bar from Aldi, which senior writer Jordan Myrick said tastes like a “Rice Krispies treat meets a Reese’s Cup.” So, in other words, you get to eat what is essentially candy but also get 20 grams of good ol’ fashioned protein out of the experience. Truly a portable and convenient win-win.

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This One Dude’s Protein Shake

“Add some protein.”

Want a protein shake that I didn’t include on this list as a joke? You got it, my man. This shake from Fairlife is not only actually delicious but contains a whopping 26 grams of protein (and only 5 grams of sugar for those tracking the ol’ macros). Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo said this one tastes like “melted vanilla ice cream in a bottle.” And I agree with Danny—it doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to bottled protein shakes.

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Chomps Original Beef Stick

Chomps beef sticks are just plain good. If you are someone who prefers a salty protein boost to a sweet one, these are a great option for on-the-go snacking that will actually fill you up. Each stick has 9g of protein (really not bad for what is essentially a healthier Slim Jim), and they taste absolutely divine. These are so beefy tasting they actually made Danny picture a ribeye steak in his head while he was eating it. They are well-seasoned and delicious and you should absolutely take one on your next hike.

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Sprouts Market Corner Low-Moisture Part-Skim String Cheese

WHATTTTT? Cheese? On a list of the best snacks that are high in protein? Surprise! Cheese has protein and that’s good news because now you have yet another excuse to buy your adult, cheese-lovin’ self some snackin’ cheese. That’s right, each of these literal sticks of cheese has 7g of protein so if anyone at the gym looks at you weird while you do bicep curls with one hand and eat string cheese with the other, just explain to them that you are getting the gains and the macros or whatever the thing is people say.

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It is written in the grand rulebook of internet listicles, in a list of the best snacks that are high in protein, thou must haveth a nut butter. And so we hath putteth a nut butter upon this list. Specifically almond butter. Why? Because why not mix it up and keep life interesting! Plus, this is a fantastic almond butter (truly the only one I buy). Jordan said it best—you don’t have to stir any oil in when you open the jar, “the nuts taste toasted without bitter burnt flavors,” and all in all it’s “really pleasantly sweet without being cloying.” It’s a very, very balanced nut butter for all your nut buttering needs.

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