We Tried Miller High Life Ice Cream Bars…and Loved Them?

Miller High Life, the Champagne of beers, is now the ice cream bar of beers. When we first saw the story from Cheddar News, we knew we had to try the latest entry into the category of unlikely ice creams. So we ordered a box of the cleverly named Dive Bars from Tipsy Scoop and patiently waited as they made their way across the country to the Sporked offices. Now that we’ve tasted them, we can finally tell you if they’re just a cute name or if they really do taste like beer ice cream—and if that’s a good thing.

Miller High Life Tipsy Scoop Dive Bars

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Miller High Life x Tipsy Scoop Dive Bars

I’ll cut right to the chase: These are great. Both staff writer Danny Palumbo and I loved them. And, as someone who knows their way around a bottle of High Life, I can say that these ice cream bars really do taste like the dive bar staple. Even more shocking: Somehow that’s a good thing. Biting into the bar, you get the sweet taste of chocolate and vanilla and then BAM, it’s like you took a swig of High Life mid-nibble. The texture is creamy and the bar stays together as you eat it—no chocolate shell sliding off. It seems small but it’s so decadent, it’s actually the perfect size. The only con? As of this writing it appears Tipsy Scoop is out of the bars. So, go and demand they bring them back. It can’t be last call for these ice cream bars. I never even got to pair one with a cheap shot of whiskey. It can’t be over! Bring them back! What? I don’t have to go home but I can’t stay here? Fine, I get it. I’ve been kicked out of nicer places than this. Bring back the Dive Bars!

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