The Best Sodas for Mixed Drinks

“If you’re going to drink, you might as well drink” is a phrase that will forever be seared into my brain. This was said to me by the employee helping me pick out the first alcohol I ever drank (at 21, hand to god). He was trying to convince me to buy Mike’s Hard Lemonade Black Cherry to use as the mixer for the vodka I was also buying so I could have the most effective drink to get me drunk and, I’ll be damned, it definitely worked. If you’re still in college, then by all means take this chaotic man’s guidance, but if you’re any older, please grab a better mixer for your cocktails going forward! Here are six Sporked-approved favorites to get you started if you’re in need of ideas when it comes to the best sodas for mixed drinks.


Growing up, you were either a 7UP person or a Sprite person, and I was most definitely a 7UP person. The crisp, citrussy soda is truly unmatched when it comes to refreshment. If for some unbelievable reason you don’t take my word on these things, the Sporked crew backed me up when they crowned 7UP the best lemon lime soda. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart even noted that “7UP makes the best mixer because the flavor makes more of an impression and can stand up to even a super-flavorful liquor like whiskey.” I’m particularly fond of using it to make the viral drink of last year, the Dirty Shirley.

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Q Club Soda

A good club soda is the foundation of an infinite list of mixed drinks. A Mojito, white wine spritzer, Vodka Soda—all your snooty aunt’s favorite drinks are made with club soda, so put your best foot forward with Q Club Soda. Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling favored Q because it has tiny, prickly bubbles that leave your tongue tingling and a nice subtle flavor. This is one of the best sodas for mixed drinks because it so elegantly takes on the flavor of anything you mix into it.

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Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Moscow Mule, Kentucky Mule, Mexican Mule, Gin-Gin Mule—what do these all have in common? The word mule, yes, but also ginger beer (ideally, a delicious one). Barritt’s has your back. Their ginger beer took the top spot in Sporked’s ranking of best ginger beers because of its wonderful balance between sweet and spicy, and its bold, nostril-tickling ginger flavor. As Justine recommended, this would go well with a dark rum or spicy rye—even if you don’t serve it in one of those fancy copper mugs.

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Canada Dry Bold Ginger Ale

If you’re wondering what the difference is between ginger beer and ale, there’s a great explanation in Sporked’s ranking of the the best ginger ale. But if you know from experience that ginger beer is just a little too intense for you, this Canada Dry Bold ginger ale should be on your list of the best sodas for mixed drinks. When Canada Dry says bold, they really mean it. The big ginger flavor—which one taster described as being punched in the mouth by ginger—is front and center, but it isn’t so spicy that it’ll burn out your taste buds. Seriously, this is the perfect ginger ale for mixed drinks if you want your drink to actually taste like ginger.

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Grapefruit Jarritos

When it comes to mixed drinks made with soda, there’s no pairing more perfect than tequila and Grapefruit Jarritos, unless that pairing is mezcal and Grapefruit Jarritos. But, let’s be real, this citrussy soda would also be good with vodka, gin, sweat that was wrung out of a gym sock, etc. Grapefruit Jarritos is so bright and flavorful; add a dash of tequila and you’re halfway to the ideal summer evening (just add carne asada tacos to taste).

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Coca-Cola (duh!)

Were you getting worried that I wasn’t going to include the classic? The king of sodas? The absolute finest choice of soda for a mixed drink? AS IF! If I had to choose only one soda to have for any occasion, let alone to use as a mixer, I’d have to go with Coca-Cola and, TBH, it’s not even my favorite soda—it’s just that damn reliable. What’s there to say about the taste that you don’t already know? You can imagine it on your tongue right now and that pristine flavor can be mixed with any liquor your heart desires. Personally, I’ll never not order a Whiskey Coke when a bartender is staring me down.

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