The Best Thanksgiving Vegetable Sides

The best Thanksgiving vegetable sides break up the monotony of meat, casseroles, and carbs. Not that there’s anything wrong with meat, casseroles, or carbs—don’t get us wrong—but adding a little something green to your Thanksgiving plate makes it feel like you’re going to survive until Christmas, and that’s a good thing. But before you start roasting Brussels sprouts or removing stems and strings from a bushel of fresh green beans, allow us to to inform you that some of the best Thanksgiving vegetables are at the grocery store and pretty much ready to roll without much fuss or effort. Here are some of the best vegetables for Thanksgiving that also happen to be cheap, easy, and Sporked approved.

Green Giant Simply Steam Creamed Spinach Sauced

You may be dubious, but some of the best Thanksgiving vegetable sides come in microwavable trays and pouches. Take this Green Giant creamed spinach—it’s honestly so much better than it should be for frozen spinach that’s been drenched in sauce and nuked in the microwave. It’s creamy and savory and the spinach itself actually has some bite. It’s like really good steak house creamed spinach, but way cheaper. Honestly, your oven and stove top are already working overtime on Thanksgiving, so it just makes sense to get the microwave in the mix, especially if it helps you make a really good vegetable side.

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Bob Evans Roasted Garlic & Herb Mashed Cauliflower

We’re on a roll with these microwavable Thanksgiving vegetable sides. Not only is Bob Evans Roasted Garlic & Herb Mashed Cauliflower way easier to make than homemade mashed cauliflower (sorry, I don’t know who has time to physically mash their boiled cauliflower), but this stuff tastes extremely good, too. It’s creamy, deliciously salty, and full of bold and savory flavor. In fact, Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick pointed out that this mashed cauliflower would be great with something kind of bland (*cough* turkey *cough*). Plus, if any of the people at your Thanksgiving table are being cautious about consuming carbs, they will be very thankful that you nuked this Thanksgiving vegetable side dish.

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Panera at Home Autumn Squash Soup

Nothing that fits the Thanksgiving vegetable sides aesthetic quite like a hearty butternut squash soup. I know, I know. You’re like, “Who the hell serves soup on Thanksgiving?” You do, if you’re cool, dammit! It makes a fancy first course and, if you pick up a pint of this Panera at Home Autumn Squash soup, it takes approximately no time at all to heat and serve. This soup is super luscious and savory with just a hint of sweetness. And it isn’t so filling that people’s first course will be their last course. If you’ve ever wanted to serve a Thanksgiving vegetable side your guests can slurp, this is your jam.

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Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Cream Style Skillet Corn

When it comes to traditional Thanksgiving vegetable sides, corn is up there with mashed potatoes, which means it can seem kind of boring. That’s where creamed corn comes in. Not only is this way more decadent and special occasion-appropriate than regular ol’ corn, this stuff gives the illusion that you actually prepared something for you guests. But no! You can simply dump and heat this Glory Foods Southern-style creamed corn, which kicks things up with a charred flavor that makes it taste even more homemade. Yes, we’re intentionally gaslighting your guests and we’re not ashamed of it!

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Happy Harvest Yams

The best thing about yams (and/or sweet potatoes) is that they give you choices. Yes, you can use these Happy Harvest Yams from Aldi to make sweet potato casserole, one of the all-time great Thanksgiving vegetable sides, but these are also tasty enough to serve with nothing but a little bit of butter and salt. They’re sweet without being too sweet, so they work well for savory preparations or smothered beneath a bed of marshmallows. If you get really hooked on sweet potatoes after you buy these, may I suggest this roundup of the best sweet potato toppings by a certain single and handsome writer?

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