The 5 Best Things We Ate This Week (Aug. 29-Sep. 2)

Each week, the Sporked team sidles up to the tasting table and sets out to find the absolute best of the best packaged foods, the gold hidden in the grocery aisles. Each week we’ll bring you five standouts that truly rocked our taste buds and changed our lives—or at least our buying habits. Here are the best things we ate this week.

Silk Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Coffee Creamer

This one is for all of our dairy-free buddies out there who are looking to spice it up this fall. Silk’s almond-based coffee creamer is perfectly creamy and appropriately sweet, meaning you won’t have to do much else to your cup of coffee after stirring this in. Silk has made a perfect autumn treat, and adding a splash of this to your morning cup is a great way to get geared up for pumpkin spice season.

Sunflower Bakery Jewish Rye Bread

This rye bread was so good that staff writer Jordan Myrick immediately went home and made their mom a reuben sandwich on it. The loaf has a perfect amount of caraway seeds embedded in it and is impressively sturdy without being a brick. This bread was made for something slightly sloppy like a reuben. Overall: excellent flavor and A+ sturdiness. Top marks.

Mezzetta Spicy Marinara

The original Mezzetta marinara sauce knocked our socks off in our last marinara tasting. Then Mezzetta’s spicy marinara came into our lives and blew our eyebrows off too. This spicy marinara is everything. It’s oily, has a nice kick to it, and tastes like a lot of love was put into each jar. It’s a full bodied marinara sauce with great depth of flavor, it tastes meaty without being a bolognese.

Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spice Goldfish

The limited edition collaboration between Pepperidge Farm and Dunkin’ is sure to convert even the most fervent pumpkin spice skeptics. These little crackers are that good. Their graham flavor really plays well with the pumpkin spice factor, and they’re sweet without being too sweet. These Goldfish are also bringing big crunch to the snack game, as Goldfish so often do. Keep up the good work, Pepperidge Farm.

Great Value Butter Flavor Flaky Jumbo Biscuits

Great Value does not miss, and they’ve hit us with a slam dunk once again. These buttery biscuits are blowing our minds for more than one reason. They are easy on the wallet, filled with little heavenly pockets of buttery, and they are jumbo sized––the three Sporked musketeers. Walmart is trying to make biscuit time all the time, and with biscuits like these in their arsenal, they just might succeed.

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  • Goldfish are never that great for me, but their collabs – Frank’s, Old Bay, and Dunkin – have been fantastic.