Beyond Meat Makes Jerky Now

Get ready for the crossover event of the century: Beyond Meat and…PepsiCo? You heard me, right folks. These two food and beverage behemoths have come together in a joint venture they are calling PLANeT Partnership. Their mission? To produce beautiful plant-based snack and drink babies together. First up: Beyond Meat Jerky. If you really like Beyond Meat but wish it was teriyaki flavored and shelf-stable, then this product has answered all of your plant-based prayers. 

What is it made of, you ask? Well, like many plant-based alternative meat products, this jerky is made of protein from peas and beans among other ingredients. Unlike many alternative meat products, however, this one is shelf-stable, snackable, and comes in three flavors: Original, Hot & Spicy, and Teriyaki. And who knows? If this launch goes well maybe they’ll release even more flavors!*

It will be interesting to see how this product measures up to other plant-based jerkys that have been on the market a whole lot longer. Will it taste more like meat? Less like meat? Was tasting like meat ever even the goal? Is it enough to just taste good? Bottom line, I’m definitely going to give it a try as soon as I see it in stores. 

And while I do realize that nothing about Beyond Meat (or any other alternative meat situation) is necessarily healthier for you, the positive environmental impact is definitely something to think about…potentially over a nice bag of unbeef-ed jerky.

*Hey, Beyond Meat, if you’re reading, I suggest bean flavor. That would be really meta. Also, I promise this is not secretly Rhett writing this article. I just think a bean-based fake jerky that is bean flavored has a certain poetic symmetry to it. If you were to produce this product I would buy a pack, frame it, and put it on the wall of my living room. Just saying. 

Try it for yourself: Buy from Walmart.

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  • saw these for the first time at CVS today during an impromptu snack trip while in the city, and I was sooo tempted to get them (im vegan), but I wasnt sure if they were worth adding (volume/money) to my usual snack haul. plss keep the ppl updated on your thoughts!!

    • I just had some and it’s incredible, wish we could get it here in Canada!