Capri Sun Is Going BIG

Since the dawn of civilization (1969, to be exact), drinking a Capri Sun has been a sign that your lunch was packed by someone who loves you. There’s something about that iconic silver pouch that brings the long-lost feeling of recess back to even the sternest adults. And let’s not get into that universal moment where you’re struggling to put that fragile little straw into that microscopic puncture zone. Capri Sun is the great playground equalizer, so it really is shocking it took them this long to sell it in containers larger than “three big slurps.” That’s right, Capri Sun is finally answering customers’ demands and offering big ol’ jugs of Capri Sun. 

Not to be nasty, but… how big are the jugs?

According to the press release for this new product launch, “a staggering 76 percent of suggestions received by the Capri Sun call center [between 2020 and 2023] were about fans wanting a bigger product size.“ They heard your cries of “go bigger” and they listened, y’all. Starting now, you’ll be able to buy Capri Sun Fruit Punch jugs, each holding 96 ounces of pure nostalgia. For the math majors among you, that means each jug contains 16 standard Capri Sun pouches’ worth of juice. That same press release says these jugs are perfect for “families and bigger groups,” which is the PR-friendly way of saying college ragers.

Where are they selling these new jugs of jungle juice ingredients?

For now, Capri Sun jugs are only going to be available at certain big-box/bulk stores. Capri Sun has stated we’ll be able to find two-packs at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club, and select Costco locations. Nothing official has been said regarding plans to stock these at regular grocery stores, but I’m pretty confident we’ll see these in the Walmart juice aisle by the end of 2024.

Will we see any other flavors in this format?

I sure hope so. No offense to Capri Sun, but I don’t entirely understand why they started with Fruit Punch. I can get a big jug of fruit punch from like… 20 different companies. I can’t get a jug of Capri Sun’s all-time classic Pacific Cooler anywhere. Expand the flavor lineup and we’re gonna see the summer of Capri Sun.

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  • Totally agree that they should have started with Pacific Cooler.

    It is also a 100% complete missed opportunity to not sell this in 2 liter sized pouches, I would have also accepted a boxed wine style container, but just a regular jug of juice will not be getting my dollars.