The New Black and White Oreo: Should We “Look to the Cookie?”

When I first saw that Oreo was coming out with a Black & White Cookie flavored Oreo, I was skeptical. Oreos are, famously, chocolate and vanilla cookies, and they decided to release a…chocolate and vanilla cookie flavored chocolate and vanilla cookie? It made my brain hurt.

But fueled by Jerry Seinfeld’s strange fascination with the New York Deli counter staple that is the black and white cookie (and my decidedly less strange fascination with Oreos), I figured if it’s good enough for my buddy Jer’, it’s good enough for me. Also, as a general rule, if it is an Oreo, it’s usually good enough for me. I picked up a pack and gave them a shot.

black and white cookie oreos review

New Product!

Black & White Cookie Oreo

First Impression: When you pop the top cookie off one of these black and white Oreo cookies, it looks very much like a black and white cookie, which traditionally consists of a cake-like vanilla sugar cookie with chocolate icing on half and vanilla icing on the other. As for whether this Oreo tastes like a black and white cookie? That’s going to be a hard “sort of.” But don’t get it twisted—if you are wondering if this thing tastes good, that’s going to be a resounding yes.  

Pros: The cookie part of the black and white Oreo is a pretty typical Golden Oreo cookie, and on its own, it tastes like a more buttery and significantly saltier Girl Scout Trefoil. The creme is where things get interesting. The “Black & White Cookie flavored creme” is made of two parts, a chocolate creme part and a vanilla creme part, except that’s not quite exactly what it tastes like. It actually tastes more like a dark, alkalized cocoa icing side by side with a birthday cake-esque icing, which, when consumed simultaneously, the cremes successfully mimic the unique alchemy of a grocery store bakery section chocolate cupcake in the best way possible. Literally to a T. It’s delicious. And the salty golden cookie offsets the sweetness of the icing duo quite nicely.

Cons: Not many cons here—it is an Oreo after all—but when you eat the Oreo by biting into it (like a lunatic) instead of twisting it open and licking the filling (like the good lord intended), the cookie flavor does overpower the creme flavor to the point where it almost just tastes like a plain Golden Oreo with a slight hint of chocolate. Again, not bad—just not as unique as the open-faced experience.




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