Your Dream Is Coming True: Buffalo Cheetos Are Coming Soon

It’s finally happening. We are getting the Cheetos flavor of the year. Nay, the decade. Nay, the century. A long-awaited Cheetos flavor, to be sure. One that previously only lived in our tangy cheesy, lightly spicy dreams. That’s right, Crunchy Buffalo Cheetos are supposedly set to hit stores soon, according to the packaged foods news Instagram account @CandyHunting.

What will they taste like? Will they be cheesy or more like Flamin’ Hot?

Let’s discuss. Firstly, we aren’t quite sure yet what they will taste like, but with the packaging featuring descriptors and phrases like “zesty,” “bold flavor,” “sauce it up,” and “cheesy,” we can certainly infer a few things. For starters, we know these things will be cheesy, which means they may lean more toward your standard Cheetos than they do toward the Flamin’ Hot flavor profile. The “zesty” callout makes me think these will be tangy (like the vinegary tang of buffalo sauce), and the “bold flavor” and “sauce it up” copy on the pack gives me hope that these Cheetos will straight up taste like delicious, flavorful buffalo sauce mixed with cheese…so, basically, a buffalo dip. Hoooooo boi, I literally cannot wait to get my hands on some of these and see if they live up to my expectations (or at least the descriptors on the packaging).

The mystery is when we will see these bad boys hit shelves. It could be later this month or six months from now—we don’t really have any clues, except for what the packaging will look like when Buffalo Cheetos do eventually grace grocery store shelves with their presence. So until then, I guess we all have to shuffle off to get our buffalo sauce fix separately from our Cheetos fix—unless you decide to dunk your Cheetos in buffalo sauce in the meantime. (Let us know how it is.)

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